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Perticipating Performers

Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamanashi

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6th Annual Quilt Exchange [ Tokyo ]

(6 Entries)
We, the Patchwork and Quilt Circle, focus on making quilts, small accessories and hanging decorations with traditional Japanese fabrics. We exhibit our creations throughout Japan. We enjoy breathing life back into the kimono fabric, forgotten family treasures which have been passed on from generation to generation. We consider this concept our theme. This is our 6th time to participate in the Honolulu Festival. We are now working hard at making patchwork and quilts for the upcoming Festival.

Website: www.himawari-mm.com

International Flower Arrangement Association [ Tokyo ]

(5 Entries)
We will once again hold the --Eternally Blooming Flower-- Preserved Flower International Design Contest this year. Every year we host an event to introduce this new Japanese flower culture to not only the people of Hawaii but also to those of the U.S. mainland and other countries. Everybody has enjoyed and appreciated our art. What are the favorite colors of the people of Hawaii? Our designers will keep that in mind and create beautiful works of art for the people of Hawaii. Please visit and enjoy the exhibition.

Website: www.ginza-ifa.com/

NC Honolulu Festival [ Tokyo ]

(8 Entries)
Witness the epitome of Japanese tradition - mikoshi katsugi. The mikoshi promotes friendship and cultural exchange between the people in Hawaii and the Japanese visitors through the act of bearing the mikoshi tightly together on one's shoulders.


Yasuco Shimizu and Her Fellow Singers [ Tokyo ]

(11 Entries)
We have been performing at numerous charity concerts titled "The Fountain of Angels" for 14 years to support the campaign for conquering pediatric cancer. We also celebrate our 11th consecutive participation in the Honolulu Festival. We believe that we can reach everyone's heart through music. We continue to take part in promoting US-Japan friendship and cultural exchange.

Website: park3.wakwak.com/~yasuco/H20050311-16.htm

Setagaya Aloha [ Tokyo ]

(6 Entries)
Setagaya Aloha was organized as a volunteer group in 1996 by the alumni of Setagaya Senior Citizen University's 21st graduating class. This group was created so that we can have a place to share our friendship and live healthy lives. It started out as a group of ten and now has over 100 members. Attracted by the lovely art of hula, we volunteer to perform hula in welfare related activities in our community.Our goal is to participate in the Honolulu Festival to promote cultural exchange. We would like to share our friendship with volunteers in Hawaii and contribute to establishing a special bond between Japan and Hawaii.


Tenshumonogatari [ Tokyo ]

Tenshumonogatari is a story recital in a world where images actually move in front of your eyes. This story takes place in "Tenshu kaku" (castle tower) and is about the untimely death of Tomihime, whose ghost inhabits the tower with her lady attendant. A young samurai captivates her heart and the two fall in love. A surprising fate awaits them. Keiko Matsuzaka is one of Japan's leading actresses. She has dedicated her life to revive the new production of Tenshumonogatari. This will be her first overseas performance.


Lei Lani Hula Studio [ Tokyo ]

(6 Entries)
This is the 8th time that Lei Lani Hula Studio is performing at the Honolulu Festival. All 14 of us are very excited to be here in Hawaii. "Let's always shine with health and beauty": that is our motto that we practice and live by. We look forward to performing our hula for you.


Ginza International Freelancer's Association [ Tokyo ]

(3 Entries)
Ginza International Freelancer's Association's various activities include not only supporting flower designers, but also collaborating with freelance members whose talents vary in many areas, who have officially registered with the association. We are actively promoting international cultural exchange through flower arrangement.


Kaoru Kohnoike & Kainoa Ukulele Family [ Tokyo ]

Kaoru Kohnoike, one of Japan's best Hawaiian musicians, and selected students of his Kainoa Music Academy will perform at the Honolulu Festival. Our group includes Anela, a young up and coming singer, and 16 ukulele performers. We also have 4 dancers from the Leilani Anela hula group from Tokyo. We will show you an exciting performance. We look forward to meeting the people of Hawaii.

Website: www.kohnoike.jp

Nihon Temari No Kai [ Tokyo ]

(5 Entries)
The hands of ancient Japanese people created and carried on the Temari-making tradition to the present day. We will pass this art on to the next generation. We have participated in the festival consecutively to show this Japanese traditional handicraft to people all over the world, and to provide a chance for you to experience the art of Temari-making. We are hoping that more students will have a chance to experience Temari-making this year.



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