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Sending out to the World Our Prayer for the Pursuit of Peace
Nagaoka's Fireworks in Honolulu

March, 2012

The Nagaoka Fireworks from Niigata, Japan were displayed on Sunday March 4 at the 18th Annual Honolulu Festival.

Nagaoka Fireworks in Honolulu
Nagaoka Fireworks in Honolulu
"Hanabi" literally translates to "flower" and "fire." In Japan, it has the meaning of "laying flowers" or "offering flowers (to people who have passed away)."
Nagaoka was attacked by American forces air raids immediately before the end of World War II.  Honolulu's Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese military resulting in America's entry into World War II.  
The Nagaoka Fireworks in Honolulu was a wonderful memorial service for all those who sacrificed their lives.

Nagaoka City and Honolulu officially became sister cities on March 2, 2012 in Honolulu.  The display of Nagaoka Fireworks proves the strong bond between the two cities.

The Nagaoka Matsuri (Festival) is held from August 1-3 each year. Fireworks displays are held on the 2nd and 3rd of August.

Over 1,400 fireworks were launched for about 15 minutes at the 18th Annual Honolulu Festival.  Over 20,000 fireworks are launched for 2 hours at the Nagaoka Matsuri (Festival) in Nagaoka, Japan each year.

[ Fireworks Show ]

1. Our Prayer for the Pursuit of Peace (single-shot fireworks)
Three shots of white chrysanthemums were presented to the night sky in memory of the victims of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the air raid on Nagaoka, for friendship between Japan and the U.S.A., and as our expression of the pursuit of everlasting world peace.

2. The Beginning of the World (star mine)
Accompanied by "Beginning of the World" composed by Mr. Nobuhiro Ikehata, eldest son of actor and singer Yuzo Kayama, this fancy and wild star mine with a silver theme was a fitting overture to the show.

3. Sakura Sakura, Cherry Blossoms (star mine)
Along with an arranged version of the traditional Japanese song Sakura Sakura (cherry blossoms), fireworks in the image of various spring flowers and blossoms were shown.
Beginning with sakura pink, known as a symbolic color of peace in the U.S.A., followed by white, the fireworks then changed into three vivid colors. Finally, beautiful peonies bloomed in three colors all over the night sky.

4. Blue Hawaii (single shots in sequence)
Accompanied by "Blue Hawaii," the theme song from Elvis Presley's film of the same name, traditional Japanese fireworks were displayed in blue.
Fireworks shells were shot off simultaneously from three locations at a rather slow tempo, which is the same technique used when 100 one-foot-diameter shells are launched during the Nagaoka Grand Fireworks Show.

5. Fireworks Wishing for a Complete Recovery
(small-scale phoenix-shaped star mine)
Awesome to behold, special fireworks were shot off accompanied by the theme music of "Ten Chi Jin" that was very popular even in Hawaii through the NHK Taiga Drama, a long-running period samurai drama related to Nagaoka.
With a blend of both Ten Chi Jin and Phoenix Fireworks, this specially arranged Honolulu version of Ten Chi Jin was exclusive to Honolulu.

Nagaoka Fireworks in Honolulu Nagaoka Fireworks in Honolulu
[ More Nagaoka's Fireworks Photos ]

  Nagaoka Matsuri (Festival)
Location: Various places in Nagaoka City, Niigata, Japan
Date: August 1-3, annually

  Nagaoka Fireworks Show
  Location: Shinano River, near Chosei Bridge
  Date: August 2 and 3, annually

http://nagaokamatsuri.com (Japanese)

The 18th Annual Honolulu Festival Reports
Sending out to the World Our Prayer for the Pursuit of Peace
   - Nagaoka's Fireworks in Honolulu

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