The Honolulu Festival is a cultural extravaganza where we promote mutual understanding and harmony between the people of Hawaii and other countries regions. We welcome your participation in the Honolulu Festival! Please read our policy below:

  • No travel / meal / accommodation / transportation fee will not be supported.
  • Visas for participants from outside the United States will not be provided. (The Honolulu Festival Foundation can provide a Letter of Recommendation if needed)
  • If you join as “Food vendor”, please tell us you have a certificate of “Department of Health”.
  • All companies/vendors are required to have their Hawaii Business or Hawaii GE license (a copy is fine.) and Certificate of Liability Insurance in their booth (no need to display but have readily available.)
  • Application may be denied depending on the content of exhibit.
  • Please read and the “Privacy Policy“ as it explains how your personal information will be used by the Honolulu Festival Foundation.
Please fill in the appropriate areas below of this application form.
Upon receipt, Honolulu Festival Foundation will contact you within 3 working days.
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