Participation years from 2006(12th)

Tamagusuku Ryu Senju Kai Frances Nakachi Ryubu Dojo, is an Okinawan Dance Academy in Hawaii which was established 21 years ago under the direction of Frances Nakachi Kuba Sensei. Their mission is promoting, preserving and perpetuating over 500 years of rich Okinawan culture and traditions through their dance.Through their heartfelt artistry, they strive to enrich lives, inspire hope and bring joy. The academy is dedicated to cultivate and nurture individual talents and potentials, bridge communities and build everlasting friendships and family. Currently, there are approximately 30 students and their age ranges from 3 to 78 years young.
The Academy would like to thank all from the bottom of their heart for this opportunity to share the Okinawan culture. Ippee Nihee deebiru! (thank you in Okinawan)