Let’s have fun together at the Honolulu Festival!

The Honolulu Festival is a popular event being held in March every year. Numerous participants as well as visitors from Japan and all over the world gather together in this popular resort city to participate and enjoy the Honolulu Festival.

Let’s visit Hawaii in March and have fun together at the Honolulu Festival!

What is Honolulu Festival?
Honolulu Festival is one of the largest cultural exchange events in Hawaii. Through the exchange of the Japanese festivals, cultures, traditions, martial arts and sports, its main objective is to deepen the friendship between Japan, Hawaii, as well as Pacific Rim countries and contribute to the world peace.

Since there will be many visitors from all over the world visiting the festival, the hosts at each venue will introduce the partcipating groups in English and Japanese bilingually during the event. The official festival programs and website will also be available in both English and Japanese.


The performance stage is set at the Hawaii Convention Center and also in Waikiki where a lot of people visit.


Honolulu Festival is an annual event that provides everyone an inspiring experience through the exchange of cultures, traditions, martial arts and sports.