The Friendship Gala is an exciting event featuring wonderful cuisine and cultural performances.

The purpose of the Friendship Gala is to promote friendship and international goodwill between the people of Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific region.

Festival participants are offered a unique insight into the cultures of the region through dance, song and regional cuisine by some of Hawaii’s most famous chefs and restaurants.

The Friendship Gala enable the Honolulu Festival Foundation to offer enriching educational programs and opportunities to increase the global understanding and awareness of local school children.

[ Date ] Friday, March 8, 2024 7:00pm-8:30pm (Doors Open: 6:50pm)
[ Venue ] Hawaii Convention Center Kamehameha Exhibit Hall
*Getting to the venue, see HERE

[ Ticket ] $100 (Flat Rate)
Includes food and one beverage.
*FREE admission for those under 5 years old. Does not include food and beverage.