25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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noimage2.jpg Taiwan

Kaviyangan Ballad Troupe / Hawaii Taiwanese Center

Music Performance

Kaviyangan Ballad Troupe devotes itself to Heritage of Paiwai songs and culture. Members are students in Wutang elementary school, located in southern Taiwan. They learn songs in their own tribe, and make efforts to pass on the beauty of tribe culture.

91_2825811_Moralodium-HF25 Tokyo



Mami, Kao and Mino, we are the Moraldorium! We copy Pefume dances. We passed the first audition of the 5th Perfume copy dance contest. You will surely be entertained by our dancing!

92_2825811_kyoto-tachibana-shodo-HF25 Kyoto



We are the calligraphy club from the Kyoto Tachibana University. This is our first time participating the Honolulu Festival! We usually do calligraphy individually, however at the Honolulu Festival we will show you dynamic calligraphy performance with music.

94_2825811_Na_Hui_Mamo_Hula_Studio-HF25 Osaka

Na Hui Mamo Hula Studio


Aloha! We are the Na Hui Mamo Hula Studio from Osaka City. This is our first time participating the Honolulu Festival. We are blessed to be able to dance Hula in Hawaii and looking forward to enjoy the festival.

dokkyo-uni-calligraphy-HF25 Saitama

Dokkyo University Calligraphy club


We’re showing calligraphy performance with the theme of Japanese culture and our desire to deepen friendship, Hawaii and Japan. We hope everyone, even who’s never seen the performance, enjoy it.

98_2825811_HF25-hokkaido-kotobikai Hokkaido

Hokkaido Taisho-koto Hukyukai Kotobikai

Music Performance

We are a group of a traditional Japanese instrument, Taisho Koto performer from Hokkaido. We play at local events and the National Cultural Festival. This is our first time performing abroad. We will showcase the beautiful sound of Taisho Koto and enjoyment of playing Taisho Koto.

103_2825811_aoyama-gakuin-Uluwehi-HF25 Tokyo

Aoyama Gakuin University Uluwehi


We are Uluwehi Hula Club of Aoyama Gakuin University! As we celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we are learning Hula everyday with Professor Maki Uehara. We are looking forward to performing on the stage at the Honolulu Festival!

104_2825811_bunkyo-gakuin-HF25 Tokyo



Aloha! We are a volunteering group of the Bunkyo Gakuin University. Our motto is “sincere” “diligence, ” “benevolence”! We came to deliver similes to people in Hawaii. We will make every effort to contribute to the success of the Honolulu Festival!

SAL Tokyo

S.A.L. Student organisation officially approved by the Keio University


We have 3 concepts, Send out / Aid / Learn. We study about international issues through study tours to various countries. We publish what we learned in the free magazines documentary.

Hula-Spot-Koa Kanagawa

Hula Spot Koa


We are the Hula Spot Koa. Our goal is to dance Hula with sharing mind and the words Aloha and Kokua learned from Kumu Hula Leikanialama in Hawaii. We would like to make everyone who see our dancing happy.