25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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Fireworks_TM0043 Fireworks

Nagaoka Fireworks


Capping off the Honolulu Festival, the Nagaoka Fireworks lit up the sky in Waikiki. It was the highly anticipa […]

Honolulu Daijayama Booster Group / ホノルル大蛇山を支援し、大蛇山を世界に発信する会 Parade

Grand Parade 2018


The Grand Parade, one of the Honolulu Festival’s main events, took place in the evening of the final day to co […]

18kt-2867 Special

The 150th Anniversary of Japanese Immigration to Hawaii Special Events


The year 2018 marks the 150th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Hawaii. The Honolulu Festival hosted a fe […]

gala-(57) Party

Friendship Party 2018


The Ohana Award was followed by the Friendship Party, an enormously popular event. The guests were treated wit […]

awards-(24) Special

Ohana Award 2018


The Ohana Award ceremony was held at the Hawaii Convention Center on Friday evening of March 9th. The recipien […]

P1090303 Educational Program

Educational School Tour 2018


The Educational School Tour was held on March 9th (Fri.), 2018 on the first day of the 24th Honolulu Festival, […]

chiune03 Symposium

Inspiring Story of Chiune Sugihara -Visas for Life-


This year’s highlighted event, the “Inspiring Story of Chiune Sugihara” was conducted under the th […]

花火13 Fireworks

Nagaoka Fireworks


The Nagaoka Fireworks was held for the finale at the 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival on March 12, 2017. This sho […]

2017パレード115 Parade

Grand Parade


The Grand Parade was held in the warm weather during the evening on Sunday, March 12, which is the final day o […]

2017party75 パーティー

Friendship Gala


The Friendship Gala was held at the Hawaii Convention Center on the first day of the 23rd Annual Honolulu Fest […]