26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
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Fireworks_TM0043 Fireworks

Nagaoka Fireworks


Capping off the Honolulu Festival, the Nagaoka Fireworks lit up the sky in Waikiki. It was the highly anticipated event. Many locals call it, “undoubtedly the best fireworks in Hawaii.” In Japan, Nagaoka Fireworks is recognized as one of the ”Japan’s Three Great Fireworks” among many fireworks shows. The Japanese fireworks shells were shot off of Waikiki Beach. -Nagaoka Fireworks Completes the Event- When the Grand Parade ended, people headed down towards Waikiki Beach. They walked hurriedly in order to save good spots to view the fireworks.   It was unnecessary to worry. Since the fireworks were shot from off shore of Waikiki Beach, there were magnificent views from anywhere […]

Honolulu Daijayama Booster Group / ホノルル大蛇山を支援し、大蛇山を世界に発信する会 Parade

Grand Parade 2018


The Grand Parade, one of the Honolulu Festival’s main events, took place in the evening of the final day to conclude the three day festivities. The parade features a wide variety of traditional dance and performances, an opportune moment for people to see the diverse cultural expressions by the participating teams from Hawaii, Japan, and the Pacific Rim countries. Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki’s main street, became the center stage for this spectacular show. Crowds gathered on Kalakaua Avenue, waiting for the parade to start. Participating teams began their performances during the 0.8 mile parade, starting Saratoga Road, located at the west end of Waikiki, and ending at the Waikiki Zoo in […]

18kt-2867 Special

The 150th Anniversary of Japanese Immigration to Hawaii Special Events


The year 2018 marks the 150th anniversary of Japanese immigration to Hawaii. The Honolulu Festival hosted a few commemorative events. -The History of Japan and Hawaii- It is imperative to understand the historical background; how Japanese people related to Hawaii from the first Japanese immigration down to this day. Let’s take a look at a chronological table for a general overview. 1850年 The first sugar cane farm was established by a Caucasian investor. It rapidly grew to be a huge industry. 1860年 King Kamehameha IV proposed a friendship treaty between Japan and the Kingdom of Hawaii. The Japanese ambassadors, Jon Manjiro and Yukichi Fukuzawa, boarded the Kanrin-Maru to visit Honolulu. […]

gala-(57) Party

Friendship Party 2018


The Ohana Award was followed by the Friendship Party, an enormously popular event. The guests were treated with live entertainment by Hawaii’s top artists as well as nine different savory dishes, provided by prominent local restaurants. The program also included participating group performances, providing an opportunity to socialize and cultivate friendships among the participating groups and local people. The proceeds from the Friendship Party will be used to provide excellent educational programs that benefit local young people, increasing their understanding and aware-ness of international affairs. -The 24th Honolulu Festival, Friendship Party Began!- At the door, guests were welcomed by the enthusiastic Osaka Gakuin University Cheerleaders, a great icebreaker for an […]

awards-(24) Special

Ohana Award 2018


The Ohana Award ceremony was held at the Hawaii Convention Center on Friday evening of March 9th. The recipients of the Ohana Award were the repeat participating groups that have contributed to building friendships across borders through cultural exchanges. The master of ceremony was Kei Segawa, a household face in events in Hawaii. Mr. Tsukasa Harufuku, the president of the Honolulu Festival Foundation, the host of the Honolulu Festival, made opening remarks. “We extend our warm welcome to the guests from Japan for the 24th Honolulu Festival. This year, 3,200 people came from Japan. We would like to present the awards to the most repeating participating groups in the Honolulu […]

P1090303 Educational Program

Educational School Tour 2018


The Educational School Tour was held on March 9th (Fri.), 2018 on the first day of the 24th Honolulu Festival, targeting the elementary to high school students who live on Oahu. This educational program is designed to provide a cross-cultural encounter for the Hawaii community and its children. The participating artists and performers, with programs specifically prepared for this tour, provided interaction with the children, giving them valuable cross-cultural experiences. Over 1,100 students from 17 schools in Hawaii participated in this year’s educational school tour. The students were divided into groups of approximately 20, and each group was escorted to six booths, one group at a time. This year, 15 […]

chiune03 Symposium

Inspiring Story of Chiune Sugihara -Visas for Life-


This year’s highlighted event, the “Inspiring Story of Chiune Sugihara” was conducted under the theme of the 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival, “Cultural Harmony, Journey to Peace”. The Honolulu Festival is a festive event which can be fun and glamourous. At the same time, the symposium is hosted by the festival every year which has an innovative cultural value. These symposiums may still be fresh in your memory: The 21th Symposium (2015): Vision for the Future Ecotourism of Hawaii The 22nd Symposium (2016): Japanese in Hawai’i: From the plantation to Pearl Harbor to peace This year, we changed the format of our symposium and focused on the topic of Chiune Sugihara in 2 […]

花火13 Fireworks

Nagaoka Fireworks


The Nagaoka Fireworks was held for the finale at the 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival on March 12, 2017. This show is inspiring a lot of audience every year, which this year was the 6th time. There were many people who were heading to watch the Nagaoka Fireworks as soon as the Grand Parade had ended. Kalakaua Avenue was packed even though it was an hour before the show. Also, Waikiki Beach was filled with audience who were anticipatedly waiting for the fireworks to be launched. The time is 8:30 p.m. All of sudden, a straight line of light quickly appeared and the big white flower bloomed in the night sky. […]

2017パレード115 Parade

Grand Parade


The Grand Parade was held in the warm weather during the evening on Sunday, March 12, which is the final day of the 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival. This is a parade that is being held on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki every year. The performers will be performing from Saratoga Road and heading to the east, where the Honolulu Zoo is located. Many spectators regardless of race gather by the roadside to see the dignified performers who presented their own talent and unique culture in 3 days for the last time. Those performers gave joy and inspiration which the audience discovered new findings of various cultures.   The Honolulu Festival’s Grand […]

2017party75 パーティー

Friendship Gala


The Friendship Gala was held at the Hawaii Convention Center on the first day of the 23rd Annual Honolulu Festival, Friday, March 10. Its purpose is to promote friendship as well as international goodwill between people of Hawaii and people of the Asia-Pacific region. The attendees will have opportunities to experience various cultures through watching cultural performances and enjoying food, which will foster friendship as well as goodwill among one another. -OPENING- The doors opened at 6:40 p.m. Our volunteering members greeted the guests with smiles by the entrance.                       -GREETINGS-             Each of the […]