26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020

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Date : Mar 11(Fri), Mar 12(Sat), Mar 13(Sun)
Sub Theme : Cultural Harmony, Journey to Peace
peace22 Special

The Musical: Peace On Your Wings has arrived!! One of the crucial events in discussing about “Peace”


The Honolulu Festival is a 3 day event which will be held on March 11th through 13th around Waikiki and Ala Moana. There were many of our flags hanged on the streetlights of Kalakaua Avenue. They were blown in the breezing winds under the sunlight of Hawaii. This year’s theme of the Honolulu Festival was “Cultural Harmony, Journey to Peace”. The musical, Peace On Your Wings is an emotional story which everybody should be aware of when we discuss about peace. Have you ever heard about the life of Sadako Sasaki?   Peace On Your Wings The Children’s Peace Monument is a place for peace to commemorate Sadako Sasaki which is located in […]

DSC_1050 Special

Ohana Award 2016 – In honoring many contributions from our devoted participants


The Honolulu Festival held an award ceremony called the Ohana Award in honoring those devoted participants who have contributed for many years. We would like to express our appreciation to everyone who came to Hawaii from overseas for the cultural exchange to foster many international friendships. Also, thank you all for presenting the unique essence of the Honolulu Festival to the world. It was held at the Hawaii Convention Center on Friday, March 11. A total of 32 participating groups have received their award. It was presented by Mr. Tsukasa Harufuku, who is the President of the Honolulu Festival Foundation. The 8 participating groups also took pictures with him to celebrate this special moment. Thank […]

eiga09 Movie

Film Festival


The Film Festival was co-hosted by the Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu and Honolulu Festival Foundation on the 3rd floor of the Hawaii Convention Center for 2 days on Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13. The following films were screened: ■ Saturday, March 12 ・Ramen Samurai ・The God of Ramen ~ Secrets of 50-year-old Higashi-Ikebukuro Taishoken ・Jiro Dreams of Sushi ・A Tale of Samurai Cooking ■ Sunday, March 13 ・Chigasaki Story ・Mourning Recipe ・The Garden of Words ・War Memorial Program Nagaoka Fireworks in Pearl Harbor There were many interesting films compared to last year. Many have gathered to watch these films since the event itself was free admission for everybody regardless […]

hanabi14 Fireworks

Nagaoka Fireworks


The Nagaoka Fireworks was held for the finale at the Honolulu Festival on Sunday, March 13, which bloomed gorgeously in the night sky over Waikiki Beach. Its themes were “memorial”, “recovery” and “world peace”. There were many spectators that were anticipated to watch the fireworks this year as well.Those fireworks were launched from offshore of the beach. Lots of people have gathered to Waikiki Beach after the Grand Parade. The edge of the beach was filled with spectators who chose to watch the show closely. It has been a gusty weather during March in Hawaii. However, it miraculously subsided and Hawaii was ready for the Nagaoka Fireworks! The fireworks were collaborative performance between the […]

parade69 Parade

Grand Parade


The Grand Parade was held on the evening of Sunday, March 13, 2016, on Kalakaua Avenue. The performers performed from Saratoga Road and headed toward the east about 0.8 miles long where the Honolulu Zoo, the end point is located. Not to mention, a lot of spectators have gathered along the roadside. Also, the opening performances were set-up at the following 4 locations, which started from 4 p.m. Starting point on Saratoga Road In front of Waikiki Shopping Plaza In front of Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa In front of Pacific Beach Hotel   The children of Ohana Arts sang the american national anthem at the starting point. They’ve performed the […]

musical18 Special

The Musical: Peace On Your Wings


The special musical event, Peace On Your Wings was performed on: ・March 12 (Sat) 11:00a.m.­12:00p,m., 4:00p.m.­5:00p.m. ・March 13 (Sun) 11:00a.m.­12:00p.m. There were 3 time slots available for the show which was held at the Hawaii Convention Center. The themes of the 22nd Honolulu Festival focused on “Peace” and “The Importance of Living Life” which emphasized on the “Cultural Harmony and Journey to Peace”. The main character was a girl named Sadako Sasaki, who became the model for the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. This monument is a commemoration for those children that suffered and died from the atomic bombing in Hiroshima. Sadako spoke of the brutality of the atomic bomb and promoted world […]

education37 Educational Program

Educational School Tour


The Educational School Tour was held on March 11, 2016, at the Hawaii Convention Center. This is an educational program designed to embrace the importance of educating the youth, which they represent as the next generation. The local students are invited to observe behind-the-scenes of the Honolulu Festival. This is a place where a lot of student experience different cultures every year. Also, the Honolulu Festival Foundation is committed to provide an educational opportunity for the students and the community of Hawaii. Some of the education-oriented events have been offered over the years in the Honolulu Festival. The theme of this year’s Honolulu Festival was “Cultural Harmony, Journey to Peace” which best describe […]

craft05 Craft Fair

Craft Fair


The Craft Fair was held at the Hawaii Convention Center for 2 days on Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13. This event is very popular among families. There was a long queue even though it was 30 minutes before the opening which was at 9:30 a.m. We interviewed some of the guests that were waiting in-line. The majority told us that they are looking forward to the cultural exchange every year. Perhaps our Craft Fair highly emphasized the cultural exchange compared to all the other events of the Honolulu Festival. The anticipated guests rushed to their desire booths as soon as the doors opened at 10 a.m. One of the popular […]

シンポジウム02 Symposium

Symposium “Japanese in Hawai’i: From the plantation to Pearl Harbor to peace”


The symposium was held on Saturday, March 12, 2016, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Hawaii Convention Center. This year’s topic was titled “Japanese in Hawaii: From the plantation to Pearl Harbor to peace” followed by the theme, “Japanese immigrant and peace”. The seats were filled very quickly before it began. Ms. Lenny Yajima, President of Japan-America Society of Hawaii who was the spokesperson last year for the Honolulu Festival was the MC. This symposium consisted of 2-sessions. 【SessionⅠ】featured keynote speech about “Overview of Japanese experience in Hawai‘i” by Dr. Dennis Ogawa, a professor of the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. 【SessionⅡ】featured panel discussion on the topic of “sustainable peace”. […]

stage18 Stage

Stage Performance


The Stage Performance was held on Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13, 2016, at the various venues in Honolulu.

party53 Party

Friendship Gala


The Friendship Gala was held at the Hawaii Convention Center on Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13, 2016. Its purpose is to promote friendship as well as international goodwill between people of Hawaii and people of the Asia-Pacific region. Also, March 11 of this year marked the 5th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. Therefore, the events of the 22nd Annual Honolulu Festival were conducted with a wish for Japan’s recovery. The Chinese lion dance welcomed the guests, who were waiting for the opening of the festival. When the doors were finally opened at 6:40p.m., the guests hurried into the venue with excitement. The guests were greeted by a wide variety […]