25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019

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Date : Mar 9 (Fri), Mar 10 (Sat), Mar 11 (Sun)
Sub Theme : Pacific Renaissance

Participating Performers
Saijo Iwaoka Danjiri, Okayama Gakugeikan High School, Sonoda Gakuen High School, Suga-Ren, Tonosama Ren, Yasuco Shimizu and Her Fellow Singers, Tahiti Nui International, Republic of China (Taiwan) Nantou County Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Descendance Aboriginal Dancers, and more.

Traditional game from Taiwan Educational Program

Education School Tour


Educational Program: Educational School Tour On Friday, March 9, about 250 students from 8 elementary through […]

Teacher's speech Special

The Maui Mikoshi Unveiling Ceremony


Maui Mikoshi Design Contest The Maui Mikoshi Design Contest is an event held for high school students in Maui. […]

Panelist Wally Yonamine Special

The 4th U.S-Japan Cultural Exchange Seminar


The 4th U.S-Japan Cultural Exchange Seminar: “Building Friendships By Playing Hardball” The 4th U. […]

The Best Contribution Awards Special

Friendship Gala


Friendship Gala The Friendship Gala was held in the night on Saturday, March 10. This event promotes friendshi […]

pg_mikoshi Educational Program

Maui Mikoshi Design Contest 2007


Kamehameha Schools Maui won the Maui Mikoshi Design Contest Imu Kamehameha maika’i! Kamehameha Schools M […]

craft_img9 Craft Fair

Craft Fair


Cultural Exhibits and Craft Fair There were over 100 craft booths hosted by the locals at the Hawaii Conventio […]


Stage Performance


Stage Performance The performances of various countries were held at 3 locations including the Hawaii Conventi […]

par_5 Parade

Grand Parade


Grand Parade The Grand Parade was held on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki on the final day of the Honolulu Festival […]

The Highlights of the 13th Annual Honolulu Festival


Saijo Iwaoka Danjiri will be showcasing the powerful Iwaoka Danjiri from Saijo, Ehime.  Hawaii Convention Cent […]