26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020

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Date : Mar 11 (Fri), Mar 12 (Sat), Mar 13 (Sun)
Sub Theme : We are all neighbors, around the world

Participating Performers
Honolulu Daijayama, Chibikko Daijayama, Hirosaki Neputa, Saitama Ryujin Matsuri Kai, Dai Hirai, SUGAREN, Hokkaido Ainu Culture, TAIKO KOZO, Ritsumeikan University dig up treasure, Alaska Native Heritage Center Dance Group, Descendance, Global Drums – Pangea, Inha University “ASSESS”, Hoku Zuttermeister, Dance Junction Hawaii, Hawaii United Okinawa Association, and more.

Wadaiko challenge! Pretty good too. Educational Program

The Educational Program: Educational School Tour


The Educational School Tour was the first event, where the local schools were invited. It was held at 9:00 a.m. at the Hawaii Convention Center.

Everyone joined as one and danced. Special

Special Event: Cultural Exchange with the Indigenous Groups and the Peace Dance


The 17th Annual Honolulu Festival hosted a special collaborative event with various indigenous groups on Saturday, March 12. Those groups included the Alaska Native Heritage Center Dancers from Alaska, Descendance from Australia and Hokkaido Ainu Culture from Japan.

エル・モンテ・ハイスクール・チャペル・コーラスの皆さん Special

Hawaii Music Festivals 2011


The Hawaii Music Festivals was held at the 17th Annual Honolulu Festival. It consisted of 3 festivals which are Hawaii Choral Festival, Hawaii Band & Orchestra Festival and Hawaii Cheer & Dance Festival. Also, schools from the U.S. mainland, Hawaii, Canada and Japan participated.

gala Special

The Friendship Gala: Expanding Friendships through Cultural Exchange


The Friendship Gala is an event for people from countries of the Asia-Pacific region such as Hawaii and Japan to foster international goodwill and establish relations with the locals.

images14 Share Your Voice

“Share Your Voice” Project 2011


The “Share Your Voice Project” is an educational program between the Honolulu Festival Foundation and students of Kapiolani Community College. Its purpose is for the students to report on the attractiveness of the Honolulu Festival through their own experience to the world by utilizing live stream technology. There were 38 students that participated this year. The scenes of the festival were live-streamed from 2 different locations unlike last year, which was done only from one location. In addition, the students utilized the social media such as Facebook and Twitter to introduce the atmosphere of the festival in Japanese, English and Korean. [ Read more ] 

stage Stage

Once again tons of performances were shown on stage!


The performers from various countries such as Japan, Hawaii and others performed on stage!

image11 Educational Program

Educational School Tour 2011


The Educational School Tour was the first event of the Honolulu Festival, where the local schools in Oahu were invited on Friday, March 11, at the Hawaii Convention Center. [ Read more ] 

mikoshi_side_back Educational Program

The 8th Annual Maui Mikoshi Design Contest


Once again Maui High School won the 8th Annual Maui Mikoshi Design Contest. The participating students were different from last year, which they studied the history of mikoshi and learned about Japanese culture. There were a total of 18 students that are learning about Japan as well as the Japanese language at Maui High School. Furthermore, the mikoshi designed by the students expressed a hope for world peace with the sub-theme of this year’s festival “We are all neighbors, around the world”. The Concept of Design There is a dove on the very top which symbolizing “peace” and “harmony”. Also, there is a dove positioned on each side of the […]

Jake Shimabukuro, shaka sign and ukulele. Parade

The Grand Parade United People from Various Countries as One


The 17th Annual Honolulu Festival was held for 3-days from Friday, March 11 through Sunday, March 13. The Grand Parade was held on the final day on Kalakaua Avenue from 4:30p.m. This year’s Nagaoka Fireworks got canceled due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. It is known as one of the highlighted events at the Honolulu Festival every year. However, the officials of Nagaoka City couldn’t make a visit to Hawaii. Also, there were many participating groups from Japan that were affected by the disaster, which their shows were also canceled. Hence we altered some parts of the program to adjust the schedule. The Grand Parade Began with Great Anticipation […]

maui_hi_students Educational Program

Interview with Teacher Etsuko Nagahama, 8th Annual Maui Mikoshi Design Contest Winner Maui High School


Q: What was the process including timeline that that you applied with your students to produce your winning Maui Mikoshi design for the 8th Annual Competition? I mentioned the Mikoshi contest to my Japanese club officers and they were excited about entering the contest to defend their title as Mikoshi design winners. I showed the Japanese club students a video on “Japanese Festivals” and explained to them what it is, and about the Mikoshi contest. Subsequently, my Japanese club students were enthusiastic and determined to enter the contest without hesitating. It was the possibility of winning the contest and marching in the Honolulu Festival parade. We only had two and […]

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