25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019

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Date : Mar 6 (Fri), Mar 7 (Sat), Mar 8 (Sun)
Sub Theme : Creating Cultural Friendships with Aloha
edu07 Educational Program

Educational School Tour


The Educational School Tour was held at the Hawaii Convention Center on March 6, 2015. This is a tour for the […]

fre13 Party

Friendship Gala


The Friendship Gala was held on March 6, 2015, on the first night of the Honolulu Festival at the Hawaii Conve […]

pa01 Stage

Stage Performance


Our dynamic Stage Performance was held on March 7 and March 8, 2015, performed by the participating groups of […]

movie03 Movie

Film Festival


The Film Festival was held on March 7 and March 8, 2015, by the Consulate General of Japan and the Honolulu Fe […]

symposium03 Symposium

Symposium- “Vision for the Future Ecotourism of Hawaii”


The theme for the Honolulu Festival will be divided into 3 categories for the next 20 years. They are “C […]

cra15 Craft Fair

Craft Fair: Part 1 <Display and Demonstration of Crafts>


The Craft Fair was held on March 7 and March 8, 2015, at the Hawaii Convention Center. The queues were already […]

ennichi05 Craft Fair

Craft Fair: Part 2 <Ennichi & Bon Dance>


The Ennichi Corner and bon dance were held on Sunday, March 7 and Saturday, March 8, 2015, at the Hawaii Conve […]

parade41 Parade

Grand Parade


The Grand Parade was held on Sunday, March 8, 2015, on Kalakaua Avenue. It was the last live performance by th […]

nagaoka01 Fireworks

Nagaoka Fireworks


The Nagaoka Fireworks was the finale for the Honolulu Festival, which is highly anticipated by many every year […]

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