Cultural Exhibits and Craft Fair

There were over 100 craft booths hosted by the locals at the Hawaii Convention for 2 days during the festive period on March 10 and March 11. There was a wide array of handmade crafts including paintings, clothes, bags and fashion accessories. Also, the Hawaiian booth offered ribbon leis. All of these items were ideal for souvenir gifts. There were exhibits and hands-on activities such as temari (handball), origami (paper-folding) and ikebana (flower arrangement), where you can learn traditional Japanese culture. Also, the folk instruments of Australia and Taiwan were introduced. It can be said that the Craft Fair created a rich international environment.

The activities such as goldfish scooping and fukiya (blowgun) were popular among the children. One of the visitors, Matthew Booths, who is 11 years old challenged fukiya for the first time. He inhaled deeply after he had concentrated his mind as he was instructed. Then, he instantly blew an arrow which he was very happy that it successfully landed on the target.

The Craft Fair is a place where adults and children can enjoy.