The 4th U.S-Japan Cultural Exchange Seminar: “Building Friendships By Playing Hardball”


The 4th U.S.-Japan Cultural Exchange Seminar was held at the Hawaii Convention Center on Saturday, March 10. 3 panelists discussed on an amicable relation between the U.S. and Japan from various perspectives through the topic of baseball.

Both young and old gathered inside the venue. Also, there were many Japanese Americans assuming that because it is the “U.S.-Japan Cultural Exchange Seminar”.

Mr. Wally Yonamine, who was a professional baseball player, a coach and also a baseball director in Japan shared his interesting stories in the seminar. Also, Mr. Duane Kurisu discussed the baseball business such as the Hawaii Winter League. It was very memorable when the audience was nodding their head as they carefully listened to those panelists. Also, there was laughter which created such a peaceful atmosphere.

At the Convention Hall

The seminar began with the topic of Japanese and American baseball.

Panelist Wally Yonamine

Panelist: Mr. Wally Yonamine

Audience at the seminar

The seminar was in such a peaceful atmosphere.

Panelist Mr. Duane Kurisu

Panelist: Mr. Duane Kurisu

US-Japan baseball history

The panelists are discussing about the history of Japanese and American baseball.

Panelist Dr. Robert Fitts

Panelist: Mr. Robert Fitts