Educational Program: Educational School Tour

On Friday, March 9, about 250 students from 8 elementary through high schools in Oahu experienced various cultures such as Japan, Taiwan, Philippines and others. This was a valuable opportunity since they don’t have much chance to see the history and culture of different countries outside of Oahu in person.

The students were introduced to Ehime’s Saijo Festival by the group Saijo Iwaoka Danjiri. They experienced taiko drumming which they looked interested as the powerful sound of the taiko drums resonated throughout the venue. Also, the students participated in the traditional Taiwanese folk dance offered by Nantou County Formasan Aboriginal Culture Village. Those who were shy at first were enjoying dancing with the dancers as well.

Furthermore, the students challenged the traditional bamboo dance of Philippines which was prepared by the University of Hawaii. They said with shining eyes that they’ve seen the mikoshi and bamboo dance on TV but this is the first time to see and experience the actual things.

The teacher said that above all, the feeling of enjoyment is the first step in learning any subjects. They were enjoying the cultural exchange with the students as well.

video_icon Video Clip: Message from Nantou County Formasan Aboriginal Culture Village


The students took a group photo in front of the head of Omuta Daijayama.


The student experienced taiko drumming with the members of Saijo Iwaoka Danjiri.


The students are listening to the story of John Manjiro and Joseph Heco.


The students challenged the traditional bamboo dance of Philippines.


The students experienced playing the traditional Taiwanese games.


The students were observing carefully as the temari (handball) was being created.