25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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24HF-Halau-Nani-Aikane-ANAN Tokushima

Halau Nani Aikane ANAN


We are from one of the prefectures on Shikoku island called Tokushima, which is known for its traditional Awa Odori dance. We will perform to a Hawaiian song “Na Pua Mohala” and a popular Japanese song “Hanamizuki.”



Music Performance

Although Tsugaru shamisen was established as a genre at the end of the Edo period, its history has mostly been unknown because playing Tsugaru shamisen used to be the livelihood of poor, blind men derogatorily called bosama. Tsugaru shamisen has since been reconsidered as a traditional Japanese entertainment that we are all proud of.

24HF-Ho-Aloha-Club Okayama

Ho Aloha Hula Club


Ho Aloha Hula Club has several locations around Okayama City, Okayama, with a large number of students enjoying hula lessons together. We are fascinated by the beauty and intricacy of hula, and we perform at various venues to spread the aloha.

24HF-Aoyama-Gakuin-Chatters Tokyo



Aloha! We are Chatters, a cheerleading club from Aoyama Gakuin University. We are so excited to perform in such an amazing event. We hope our dance will brighten up your day!

24HF-All-Boys-Cheerleading-Team-MAXONS Tokyo

Tokyo Metropolitan University All Boys Cheerleading Team MAXONS


Aloha! We are MAXONS, an all-male cheer squad from Tokyo Metropolitan University. We are still a young team consisting of 27 members, but we hope our uplifting performance will bring joy to everyone at the Honolulu Festival!

24HF-Hawaiian-Quilt-Salon-Mana Niigata

Hawaiian Quilt Salon Mana


We offer Hawaiian quilt classes in Tokyo and Niigata. All of our quilts have unique patterns designed by the instructor Momoko Shimada, and they are made with the Hawaiian tradition. Please come check out our quilts with the Nagaoka Fireworks pattern!

24HF-Moanalua-High-School-NanTa-Team Hawaii

Moanalua High School NanTa Team

Music Performance

The Moanalua High School NanTa team its part of Ms. Soon Young Kim’s Korean Language program since November of 2016. Students get together and practice drum about 2 – 6 hours a wewk after school and learn drum rhythms from traditional Korean percussion music.

24HF-Han-Wul-Rim Hawaii

Han Wul Rim


Han Wul Rim is a group of Korean traditional percussion music lovers who want to share the knowledge of playing Korean percussion instruments, with the enjoinment of getting together, and our goal as a percussion group will be to continually perform at local and Korean community events and schools do our best to promote Korean tradition percussion music as well. We also believe that sharing great cultural experiences provides an opportunity to get to know different cultures and promote the importance of wellness.

24HF-Ukulele-ACT Hawaii

Ukulele A.C.T.

Music Performance

Ukulele A.C.T. is comprised of the dynamic young trio AJ, Cameron and Taiga. Together they placed 2nd in the International ukulele competition in 2017 and are looking forward to sharing their music around the world.

24HF-Halau-O-Kealani Gunma

Halau ‘O Kealani


Halau ‘O Kealani was founded in 2007 in Shinagawa, Tokyo. It moved to Maebashi, Gunma in 2008, and in the same year, we welcomed the kumu hula who won that year’s Miss Aloha Hula. We learn not only hula, but also the Hawaiian culture in general from the kumu.