25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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24HF-Sunnyside-Gospel-Club Mie

Sunny Side Gospel Club

Music Performance

We are engaged in international cooperation activities centered on the theme “Sing in Unity, Live in Peace.” We operate on a motto of “Money spent for a good time becomes a bigger force somewhere else.”

24HF-JUNKS Yamagata


Music Performance

We are a duo of middle-aged men from Yamagata. We cover songs from various genres with our signature “JUNKS” style with an acoustic guitar and a cajón.

24HF-Osaka-University-Shodo-Club Osaka

Osaka University Shodo Club


This is our first time in the Honolulu Festival. You may associate Japanese calligraphy with tranquility, but we would like to reshape the image with our dynamic calligraphy performance with music. Please enjoy the traditional cultural performance met with contemporary music!

24HF-Flamenco-Circle-iVAMOS-in-Waseda-University Tokyo

Flamenco Circle iVAMOS! in Waseda University


iVAMOS! is the club of flamenco which is a Spanish dance in Waseda University. We will dance with the live performance of guitar and song. Please enjoy powerful footsteps and brilliant costume.

noimage_mini Hawaii

Hawaii District 50 Lions Clubs and LEOS

Other Sponsors

The DISTRICT 50 HAWAII LIONS CLUBS consists of over 18-hundred dedicated volunteers in 61 individual community-centered Lions Clubs throughout the State. Their motto is “WE SERVE”! The men & women of the Hawaii Lions are part of Lions Club International— the largest service organization in the world, with nearly 1-point-4-million members in over 210 different countries.

Littlefield High School Band Texas

Littlefield High School Band

Music Performance

Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to present the Littlefield High School Marching Band from Littlefield, Texas. The Band is under the leadership of drum majors Jazmine Garcia and Sergio Savala. The music they will be performing is dedicated to the great state of Texas. The Littlefield Band is directed by Bonnie Anderson, Gina Muela, and Mark Halamicek.


Ohana Arts

Music Performance

Ohana Arts presents the original cast of “Peace On Your Wings”, a new musical inspired by the life of Sadako Sasaki and her thousand paper cranes. This talented all-youth cast has performed on tour to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii Island, Los Angeles, and most recently, New York City. The show continues to inspire audiences worldwide with its message of peace and “Ichigo-Ichie”, told through the powerful voices of youth.


The Hawaii Korean Farmers Music Association

Music Performance

The Hawaii Korean Farmers Music Association was started in 1996 by the current resident Ki Un Lee. There are 4 instruments that represent the sounds of nature. The Ching, which is the large gong, represents wind. The changoo, the hour glass instrument represents the rain, the Puk, the large drum represents clouds, and the gengari, the small gong, represents thunder.

G-17 Myoung Woo Dahn Hawaii

Myong woo dahn korean folk dance group


Myoung Woo Dahn is a nonprofit organization to learn and perform Korean traditional music and dance. We have participated in local events as well as private gatherings.


Chonnam University


Korean music group, Chonnam National University was established in 1982 when the university opened a new Korean music department in the College of Arts. The group is organized with professors, lecturers, and students(both graduate and undergraduate). The group has held the 35th annula performance in Gwangju, Yokohama, for the Youth summit arts festival held by the Tokyo Nationla University of Arts.