25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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Yatsushiro Myoken Festival Yabusame Preservation Association

Traditional Performance

The Yatsushiro Myoken Festival is a festival which is recognized as a valuable cultural property of Japan. It is being held since the 16th century and their carts faithfully reviving the story of the scroll from the early 19th century in a splendid manner. This festival is a wonderful piece that represents the Japanese traditional culture which was passed down by the local communities of Yatsushiro, Kumamoto. It is worth seeing!

23HF Ritsumeikan BLENDERS Kyoto

Ritsumeikan univ. BLENDERS


We are mainly dancing at various school festivals and community events. Our mission is to entertain many by our performance with songs that most of you are familiar of. We are ready to show many of our attractions so please enjoy!


Pua Plumeria


We are Hula Halau from Osaka consisting of 3 members that enjoy hula. We came here to perform in Hawaii before we become senile. We would like to feel the wind of Hawaii and a feeling Aloha through our whole body and master our loving hula.


Leimomi Hula Studio


We are embracing our circle of friends that enjoy hula together. Our wish is to understand the meaning of the Hawaiian music as much as possible and enjoy hula with a feeling of Aloha. Our classes are offered at Kashihara Shrine in Nara, Fujiidera in Osaka and Takanohara in Kyoto.

24HF-Alohappy Tokyo

Alohappy ! – We are Japanese Regional Characters – Kota

Other Sponsors

Kota and Honuppi are back again in Honolulu to deliver “The Treasure in our Heart”! We will perform our official song with dance on the stage. We also look forward to seeing all of you ohana at the parade!

23HF Mitsudomoe Tokyo


Music Performance

Mitsudomoe is an orchestral club from Waseda University. Its main purpose is to enjoy the Japanese traditional instrument Tsugaru shamisen. The performers will deliver the sound of shamisen in various genres from Japanese traditional folk songs to contemporary rock music.


Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Pom Dance Amity


The pom dance derives from cheerleading, but we don’t perform any stunts because our focus is on dancing. We dance with pom poms in our hands and sometimes lining up side by side. Our team name “Amity” means ‘friendship’, and we always practice cheerfully. We’re going to perform a special number at the Honolulu Festival! Please enjoy our performance!

24HF-Heartnest Tokyo



Hi everyone! We are Heartnest, a dance troupe from Tokyo. Our team loves dance more than anything, and we genuinely enjoy dancing. We are working hard to deliver a great performance, so please come see us!

23HF Hula Pomaikai Tokyo

Hula Pomaikai Chiyoda


We are Hula Pomaikai Chiyoda. Our members are practicing hula three times a month at the sports center in Chiyoda, Tokyo. This is our first time to participate at the Honolulu Festival. Let’s enjoy hula together!

alma Hawaii


Music Performance

As solo ukulele artists, Alto and Maia have been performing on countless stages independently and have joined forces to create an eclectic boy and girl ukulele duo called “ALMA”. Focusing on dynamic and exhilarating performance, the two deliver their unique sounds that range from flamenco to rock.