25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
Genre : Dance/Performance
Join Year : 2016(22nd)
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31-12549090_10153748004005923_6757602447511617384_n Hawaii

Middle Eastern Dance Artists of Hawaii


MEDAH is a non-profit organization devoted to creating and supporting the educational, cultural and entertainm […]

35-jejuuniversity Korea

Talchum Research Group (Jeju National University)


Since 1980, “Talchum Research Group”, a student club in Jeju National University, has started to s […]

G-1 Mele Hula Taiwan

Mele Hula


Mele Hula is led by Tina Hsueh who is the most distinguished Hula dancer in Taiwan. Tina is an innovative chor […]

DSCN4763a Italy

The Flag Wavers from Faenza


The Group performs in the medieval uniform with the color of the five groups of flags-wavers of Faenza: WHITE, […]

24HF-IFA Tokyo

International Flower Arrangement Association


We are an international friendship organization made up of flower artists. We perform a new form of Japanese c […]

24HF-Yosakoi-Tao Hawaii

Yosakoi Tao


Yosakoi 道 (Tao) is a Japanese contemporary dance team based in Honolulu. The team was established in 2017. Whi […]

Chinagu-Eisa Hawaii

Chinagu Eisa Hawaii


Chinagu Eisa Hawaii is a contemporary Okinawan eisa drumming group whose purpose is to promote and perpetuate […]

G-11_3 Waguna Aboriginal Dancers Australia

Wagana Aboriginal Dancers


The Wagana Dancers perform traditional and contemporary Aboriginal dances inspired by the magnificent Blue Mou […]

Halla Huhm Hawaii

Halla Huhm Korean Dance Studio


We are the oldest Korean dance studio in Hawaii, educating both Koreans and non-Koreans of all ages since 1950 […]

24HF-Taiwanese Association of America - Hawaii Chapter Hawaii

Taiwanese Association of America – Hawaii Chapter


Formosa, the beautiful island of Taiwan, has received abundant blessings from Gods and has created rich cultur […]