We want your creation!

art_2017_imgThe Honolulu Festival is holding the Art Contest open to all the residents of Hawaii.
Winners’ artwork will be featured on the festival’s official guidebook cover and posters. They will also be exhibited to the public at the Hawaii Convention Center during the festival.
Adult applicants (must be 18 years old or older) can be designated as 2018 Honolulu Festival’s official artist, or win the Special Recognition Award.
For children, we are awarding the winner of each division (Elementary School Students: prize (1), Middle School Students: prize (1), High School Students: prize (1)).

We look forward to your submissions!

Contest Details

Contest period

August 1, 2017 – October 15, 2017
It is now closed. Thank you very much for your applications.



Adults: Hawaii residents over the age of 18
Children: students attending an elementary school/middle school/high school in Hawaii
*Kindergarteners and preschoolers are ineligible to apply

Contest Theme

Your artwork must be in line with the 24th Honolulu Festival’s main theme “Pacific Harmony”, and the sub theme “Harmony over the Ocean, Journey to Peace”.
If you have not attended the Honolulu Festival before, please visit the festival website to learn more about the festival before creating your artwork.


1. Please create your artwork based on the poster template shown at the bottom of this page.
2. You may download the photos from the previous festivals archived in the link below and use them in your artwork.


①A digital artwork must be submitted with JPEG format, 11(W) x 11(H) inch 300dpi (3300 pixel x 3300 pixel) CMYK, and it may not exceed 2MB. *You will be asked to submit a copy with a higher resolution once your artwork has won the contest.

②A physical artwork (drawings using crayons, markers, colored pencils or watercolors) must be created on an 11(W) x 11(H) white drawing paper.
Click here to download the Entry Form and glue or tape it to the bottom left-hand corner on the back of your artwork.
Click here to download the Contestant Authorization, Release and Agreement Form, fill it out and enclose it with your artwork.
Failure to enclose the form with your artwork will result in disqualification.
* Mail your entry to : Honolulu Festival Foundation Art Contest P.O. Box 8494 Honolulu, Hawaii 96830
* Certified mail receipts will not be provided. The Honolulu Festival will not hold responsible for any lost or damaged artworks in the mail. Please be noted that we will not return your artwork.

Award Categories

1. 2018 Honolulu Festival Official Artist Designation (1) (must be at least 18 years old or older)
2. Special Recognition Award (1) (must be at least 18 years old or older)
3. Elementary School Students: Prize (1)
4. Middle School Students: Prize (1)
5. High School Students: Prize (1)


1. Honolulu Festival Official Artist Designation: Round-trip ticket (Economy) to Asia including Japan (for 1 person/with the expiration date/seat cannot be pre-selected) 
2. Special Recognition Award: Neighbor Island hotel voucher
3. Elementary School Students: $100 Gift Card
4. Middle School Students School: $100 Gift Card
5. High School Students: $100 Gift Card
*Two tickets to the Honolulu Festival Friendship Gala are also awarded to each winner.


Finalists will be selected based on the review by a guest juror and the Honolulu Festival Foundation, as well as the total number of votes on the Honolulu Festival Facebook page.


The results will be announced at the Honolulu Festival press conference, which will be held in mid-November 2017.

Poster template