25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
Genre : Dance/Performance
Join Year : 2017(23rd)
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G-17 Myoung Woo Dahn Hawaii

Myong woo dahn korean folk dance group


Myoung Woo Dahn is a nonprofit organization to learn and perform Korean traditional music and dance. We have participated in local events as well as private gatherings.


Chonnam University


Korean music group, Chonnam National University was established in 1982 when the university opened a new Korean music department in the College of Arts. The group is organized with professors, lecturers, and students(both graduate and undergraduate). The group has held the 35th annula performance in Gwangju, Yokohama, for the Youth summit arts festival held by the Tokyo Nationla University of Arts.

The Original Beauty of Formosan Aborigines  Dance Photo Taiwan

The Original Beauty of Formosan Aborigines Developing Association


The Original Beauty of Formosan Aborigines Developing Association was established to promote Taiwan’s unique indigenous cultures and develop indigenous industrial activities. The Association is actively involved in their local community to promote awareness and support a cultural exchange through their educational, artistic, and athletic endeavors. In cooperation with governmental agencies and private organizations, they have enriched their ethnic identity and assisted in strengthening the rights and interests of the indigenous people.

Taiwan Shih Chien Univ Hawaii

Rohanmen Performance Group, Taiwan Shih Chien University


Praise the Beautiful Island of Taiwan, Rohanmen Performance Group is from southern Taiwan, under the direction of Mater Chang who has been instrumental in passing down the cultures observed in the Taiwanese religious festivals. Research has shown the Polynesians are derived from Taiwan; Rohamen would like to showcase the “root” of this rich culture: Taiwan aboriginal dance, Hakka dance, the Head police in the World of Dead, lion and dragon dance.

Sing Yung Lion Dance Hawaii

Sing Yung Dragon and Lion Dance Association


Sing Yung Dragon and Lion Dance Association was founded three years ago with the mission to immerse our students and engage the community in the ideals and traditions of the Chinese culture through lion dance, dragon dance, and martial arts. As a proud lion dance group under the World Sar Ping Lion Federation; Sing Yung engages in perpetuating the art of Sar Ping Dragon and Lion Dance along with Kung Fu throughout Hawai’i.

24HF-Sammie-in-Hawaii Hawaii

Sammie in Hawaii


Sammie is a belly dance performer and instructor on Oahu. She teaches on the UH Manoa and West Oahu campuses as well as Aloha Dancesport Center in Honolulu. Check her out on Facebook at “Sammie in Hawaii” or email her at sammieinhawaii@gmail.com!




Ryushiranbu is about great Japanese culture! Japanese clothing! Heart of harmony! Japanese spirit! The members will be performing stage combat and Japanese fashion show. Costumes provided by Kirei Koubou Anraku Kiwa

24HF-All-Japan-Gymnastics-of-Health-Study-Association Shizuoka

All Japan Gymnastics of Health Study Association


We are a calisthenics club from Shizuoka with international branches. We aim to achieve lifelong health through calisthenics. This is our 5th time in Hawaii, and we will perform with members from our Hawaii and Brazil branches this year.

noimage_mini Kanagawa



Please enjoy watching social dance which adopted the Japanese essence of “Shonan Kabuki” by the instructors, Shugo Takahashi and Yumiko Suzuki from NOEMIY Social Dance International.

23HF StudioFX1 Aichi



Hello everybody! We are studio FX. We are very pleased participate at the Honolulu Festival for our 10th anniversary, but we are feeling nervous at the same time. We would like to enjoy the festival through our dance music with people from various countries.