25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
Genre : Dance/Performance
Join Year : 2006(12th)
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24HF-IFA Tokyo

International Flower Arrangement Association


We are an international friendship organization made up of flower artists. We perform a new form of Japanese culture around the world including Hawaii, New York and Paris. Please enjoy our flower dance, a neo-Japanese style performance.




We are Sonoda Gakuen High School from Amagasaki, Hyogo, and this is our 13th time in the Honolulu Festival. This year, about 300 sophomores perform the dance they have been practicing for a year at the Grand Parade. Please enjoy their cheerful and energetic dance!

2014 Kochi



We dance Yosakoi in hope of a wonderful world, “Yoi yo sa koi.” The dance is also transmitted throughout the world as “Izanai.” This dance fascinates many people. This year we also get the chance to have cultural exchange with the people of Hawaii. Our dance of love transcends all borders and generations.

5241 sakuragawaryu edogei kappore Tokyo

Sakuragawaryu Edogei Kappore


Kappore is a dance that was usually performed at traditional banquet parties. It became popular in Japan through parade performances. The fun dance is highlighted by performers shouting “Kappore, Kappore” in unison as they kick up their heels.

23HF Samurai Maeda Toshiie Aichi

Samurai Maeda Toshiie ONDO Mai


Samurai Maeda Toshiie ONDO Mai is the naruko dance team consisting of men and women of all ages that love dance and festival. Its mission is to promote their city Arako, Nagoya Ward, which is a birthplace of Maeda Toshiie who served for Oda Nobunaga during the Sengoku Period and eventually became the lord of Kaga domain.

2014 Saitama

Kawaguchi Tatara Nagashi Odori


This year Kawaguchi City in Saitama Prefecture is celebrating its 80th anniversary since it was founded. A rich lifestyle emerged in Kawaguchi because of the citizens’ ability and disposition to foster tradition. We have developed a local society with abundance and warm personal relationships. Kawaguchi City represents Japan as “a city of creations.” We would like for you to experience our tradition and culture.

2010 Wakayama



Hello everybody! We are Charle Morimoto Families. We come from Shingu in Wakayama Prefecture, home of the World Heritage registered Grand Shrine. We are honored to perform in the Honolulu Festival. We will perform Chikyu Karate Buyou and Eisa Taiko. We hope to liven up the Festival with our dancing and with your support!

2009 Tokyo

NC Honolulu Festival


Witness the epitome of Japanese tradition – mikoshi katsugi. The mikoshi promotes friendship and cultural exchange between the people in Hawaii and the Japanese visitors through the act of bearing the mikoshi tightly together on one’s shoulders.

2009 Ishikawa

Sachukin Shoko Enbutai


Sachukin Shoko Enbutai was established 8 years ago in Nomi City in Ishikawa Prefecture, home of Matsui of the New York Yankees. Our goal is “To cherish Japan and its spirit.” Regardless of age or gender, we want everyone in the world to enjoy dancing. We want our performance to create a special bond between those who dance and those who watch. This is our second time to participate in the Honolulu Festival. We hope to promote international goodwill.

2009 Kanagawa



Participating from the first Honolulu Festival, this group loves to share the artistry and beauty of its mikoshi with audiences. We were born to carry mikoshi!