26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
Genre : Dance/Performance
Join Year : 2018(24th)
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24HF-Chigasaki-city-Unicycle-Japan-Champion-UCHIDA-sisterbrothers Kanagawa

Chigasaki-City Unicycle Japan Champion UCHIDA Sister & Brothers


In Chigasaki City there resides a famous unicycle siblings, eldest sister Aoi was the winner in 2017 All Japan Track & Field Competition in the Girls Unicyle Obstacle Race, and placed 2nd in the 100 m Intermediate School division. In the same competition her eldest brother Misaki place first in the single tire riding competition in The Elementary School division. Youngest brother Yuki placed 2nd in the Unicycle Obstacle race Elementary School Division, he had won 4 out of 5 unicycle competition.

24HF-Osaka-University-LoveLive Osaka

Osaka University LoveLive! group


Love Live! Club from Osaka University is all about “Love Live!,” a Japanese anime series that became widely popular around the world. Our dance team usually consists of 9 people, but for the Honolulu Festival, 7 of them will show their undying love for Love Live! through the dance adapted from the anime.

24HF-LIZ Kanagawa



We are LIZ, an all-girls dance troupe from Yokohama National University. We will perform a cool and feminine dance for this stage. Please come see our very first performance abroad!

24HF-Yamato-Seiran-High-School Fukuoka

Yamato Seiran High School


We are 25 seniors in the nursing program from Yamato Seiran High School in Fukuoka. We have planned our school trip to Hawaii with our vow to become a nurse in two years, and the enthusiasm to give an amazing performance at the Honolulu Festival. Changing from our school uniform to yukata, we will give a dance performance inspired by traditional Japanese femininity.

24HF-Marshall-Islands Marshall Island

Republic of the Marshall Islands


The Marshall Islands group is a combination of members / leaders from the Marshall Islands Visitor’s Authority, Tobolar Copra Authority, RMI Women Handicraft Association and Marshall Islands Service Corporation. The group will showcase traditional dance and sell local handiworks at the Honolulu Festival. Performers are marshalles students at Chaminade University of Honolulu. Kommool tata (Thank you Very Much).

24HF-True-Beauty Osaka



We are a collaborative group of the students of modeling schools in Japan and Hawaii. The theme of our performance is a harmony of culture and mind. We hope that it will be a bridge of happiness between Japan and Hawaii and the Pacific Rim countries.

24HF-Ashikaga-Meisen Tochigi



Mika Otsuka is an artist from Watarasebashi 43, an idol group promoting the city of Ashikaga, Tochigi. Ashikaga is known for its finest meisen fabric, which has been brought to Hawaii and used to make aloha shirts. She will perform her new songs dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Japanese immigrants in Hawaii.

24HF-Fujii-Junko-Dance-Studio Iwate

Fujii Junko Dance Studio


Fujii Junko Dance Studio performs modern and contemporary dance at various venues and contests. The highlights of performance are the unison of 12 dancers and their sharp turns.

24HF-Aoyama-Gakuin-Chatters Tokyo



Aloha! We are Chatters, a cheerleading club from Aoyama Gakuin University. We are so excited to perform in such an amazing event. We hope our dance will brighten up your day!

24HF-All-Boys-Cheerleading-Team-MAXONS Tokyo

Tokyo Metropolitan University All Boys Cheerleading Team MAXONS


Aloha! We are MAXONS, an all-male cheer squad from Tokyo Metropolitan University. We are still a young team consisting of 27 members, but we hope our uplifting performance will bring joy to everyone at the Honolulu Festival!