26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
Genre : Dance/Performance
Join Year : 2019(25th)
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Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii


Bandalan Doce Pares Hawaii martial school teaches eskrima, the national sport and martial art of the Philippines. The school is under the leadership of Grand Master Rocert Garcia, a four-time world champion. The school trains youth and adults in stick, knife and hand-to-hand fighting. The students will demonstrate sinawali, referring to weaving moves, and sayaw, meaning to dance, locks, throws, disarms, and competition fighting.

noimage_mini Hawaii

Farrington Filipino American Club


Farrington High School’s Filipino American Club uses Filipino folk dances to strengthen its students ethnic identity. They perform popular Filipino Folk dances including tinikling and sayaw sa bangko.

noimage_mini Hawaii

The Monkey Performers


My performance name is fire monkey if you guys need fire dancers or led performers, I know fire is quite difficult so set up at a location, so if you guys cannot have any fire dancers we can also perform led lights we add martial arts and flipping and awesome movements with our fire dancing and we spin 8 different fire toys.

Raqs-Sharqi Hawaii

Raqs Sharqi Hawaii


We are a professional belly dance collective dedicated to educating the public about this amazing art form from the Middle East.

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Samba School Aguia de Ouro


Famous Samba Group from Sao Paulo, that already won several competitions in Brazil’s Carnival.

noimage2.jpg South Korea

Tokyo Korean School


The dance department of the Tokyo Korean School has been actively bridging Japan and Korea through cultural and arts exchange in Japan. Born in Japan, members love Korea, Korean traditional dance and musical instruments and have established Korean identity while learning Korean. The performance is Buchetum (fan dance). The dancers create natural shapes of flowers using the peony-colored fans. You will feel the elegance of Korea.

Poligrodzianie Poland

Folk Dance Ensemble “Poligrodzianie”


Folk Dance Ensemble POLIGRODZIANIE was established in 1973. As one of the greatest Polish cultural heritage ambassadors, the Ensemble visited 64 countries of the World and travelled over million kilometres during its over 120 foreign tours, performing in front of Jean Paul II twice, Mayor of New York, King of Kota Kinabalu Region, UNESCO four times, Presidents and Ministers of countries like Israel, Malta, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Ireland or Mexico. They were awarded numerous awards, most importantly, I prize in folk category at 20th India Theatre Olympiad in 2012 and the title of Absolute World Champion of Folklore 2015.

91_2825811_Moralodium-HF25 Tokyo



Mami, Kao and Mino, we are the Moraldorium! We copy Pefume dances. We passed the first audition of the 5th Perfume copy dance contest. You will surely be entertained by our dancing!

92_2825811_kyoto-tachibana-shodo-HF25 Kyoto



We are the calligraphy club from the Kyoto Tachibana University. This is our first time participating the Honolulu Festival! We usually do calligraphy individually, however at the Honolulu Festival we will show you dynamic calligraphy performance with music.

amamikai Tokyo



The Tokyo Amami club celebrated its 120th anniversary last year. While promoting fellowship and improvement of the club we won the Grand Prix at the 20th “Shibuya Kagoshima Ohara Festival”! We also won Attractive appeal award in November in Kagoshima. We would like to promote Oshimagi Tsumugi of Amami at the Honolulu Festival.