26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
Genre : Hula
Join Year : 2007(13th)
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Yutaka Hula Okayama

Yutaka Hula Halau


Yutaka Hula Halau! This is our 7th participation from the “land of sunshine”, Kurashiki, a city located at the southern part of Okayama. Although this will be the very first stage performance for many of our team members, we will be enjoying the Hawaii’s Pacific Harmony.

image_f.jpg Oita

Hano Hano Hula Oita


We are here to perform Hawaii’s traditional hula. We would like to promote cultural exchange through this popular medium. We are back again to dance gracefully. Please give us a warm welcome.

24HF-Puanani-Kobayashi-Hula-School Aichi

Puanani Kobayashi Hula School


It is our 8th time joining the Honolulu Festival. We believe that the Aloha Spirit is very important in dancing hula, which we enjoy from the bottom of our heart. Please come see us and show your Aloha Spirit!

101_2825811_komakikei-abc-HF25 Ibaraki

Komaki Kei ABC Academy Hula Halau


We are the “Komaki Kei ABC Academy Hula Hālau” from Mito city, Ibaraki prefecture. This will be our 17th time to perform at the Honolulu Festival. We practiced very hard for this event! Once again, we will do our best!

2012 Kanagawa

Kaiulani Hula Community


Our groups practice in three completely different areas in Yokohama, Sagamihara and Shizuoka. But it doesn’t matter that we are separated because we are truly connected as one with the same “I love Hula!” spirit. We will do our best with our hearts unified as one and enjoy this moment. Please cheer for us!

2011 Tokyo

Leilani Hula Studio


It is our desire to deepen our friendships with the people of Hawaii through the hula. This is our eighth time to participate in the Honolulu Festival. We practice our hula throughout the year looking forward to dance at the Honolulu Festival and meet new friends. Please come out and support us.

2010 Shizuoka

Le’ale’a Hiroko Hula studio


Our goal is to cherish hula forever, appreciate the other enjoyments that we experience from dancing hula and pursue the understanding of Hawaii’s culture. We exist today because of the support and love of hula that has steadily grown from our previous circle of students. Mahalo Nui Loa.

2010 Tokyo

Setagaya Aloha


Setagaya Aloha was organized as a volunteer group in 1996 by the alumni of Setagaya Senior Citizen University’s 21st graduating class. This group was created so that we can have a place to share our friendship and live healthy lives. It started out as a group of ten and now has over 100 members. Attracted by the lovely art of hula, we volunteer to perform hula in welfare related activities in our community.Our goal is to participate in the Honolulu Festival to promote cultural exchange. We would like to share our friendship with volunteers in Hawaii and contribute to establishing a special bond between Japan and Hawaii.

2009 Tokyo

Mikoshiba Group


Hula’s popularity has boomed in Japan, Cultural exchange has been taken to an even higher level through performances of this elegant dance.

2008 Toyama

Iki Iki Aloha Hula Circle


We, the Iki Iki Aloha Hula Circle, are from various areas in Toyama Prefecture. Our ages mainly range from middle to golden. According to our motto, “Always smile and keep peace in mind,” we participate in numerous volunteer activities. We promote our regions and visit community facilities based in our lovely homeland, surrounded by beautiful mountains and ocean. At a recent audition, we won the award for “Best Street Performers.” We have participated in the Honolulu Festival for 4 consecutive years.