26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
Genre : Hula
Join Year : 2019(25th)
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Our halau is located in Kaneohe, Kailua, and in Japan (Tokyo, Shin Yokohama, Fuji Shizuoka, and Nagoya). Kumu Nawahine is the Kumu Hula at the Princess Ka’iulani Hotel and teaches the guests and visitors from around the world.

94_2825811_Na_Hui_Mamo_Hula_Studio-HF25 Osaka

Na Hui Mamo Hula Studio


Aloha! We are the Na Hui Mamo Hula Studio from Osaka City. This is our first time participating the Honolulu Festival. We are blessed to be able to dance Hula in Hawaii and looking forward to enjoy the festival.

103_2825811_aoyama-gakuin-Uluwehi-HF25 Tokyo

Aoyama Gakuin University Uluwehi


We are Uluwehi Hula Club of Aoyama Gakuin University! As we celebrate our 2nd anniversary, we are learning Hula everyday with Professor Maki Uehara. We are looking forward to performing on the stage at the Honolulu Festival!

Hula-Spot-Koa Kanagawa

Hula Spot Koa


We are the Hula Spot Koa. Our goal is to dance Hula with sharing mind and the words Aloha and Kokua learned from Kumu Hula Leikanialama in Hawaii. We would like to make everyone who see our dancing happy.

Halau_Na_Mamo_O_Kaipolani Kyoto

Hālau Na Mamo O Kaipolani


Leader Kuribayashi Yuko. We value the kindness, harmony, humility and effort . Our Hālau’s motto is to dance happily in a homey atmosphere. Hawaii is our favorite place.

Ka_Pua_Kea Kyoto

Ka Pua Kea Tsuji Hula Hālau


Leader Tsuji Hisae. We value Aloha spirit, the bonds of people and respect the nature of Hawaii. We also dance with feelings and understanding the meaning of the songs. We are looking forward to dancing in Hawaii.

makana Chiba

Hula o Makana & Ribbonlei Honolulu Festival


Hula O Makana was founded seven years ago, this year our dream to participate in the Honolulu Festival has come true. We would like to have lots of Hawaiian mana. In addition to ribbons, we use cotton and silk fabric to make cute small items with traditional methods such as Tsumami Zaiku (pinching method) and Tsurushi Kazari (Hanging decorations).

115_RT_Studio300 Kagoshima

RT Studio Tahiti and Hula


We have been dancing for 23 years with a motto of simple, smile, enjoy, and unity. Through the Honolulu Festival, We would like to move forward with full energy and smiles. We will enjoy dancing! Wish us luck! !

121_2825811_miyabiHULA Tokyo



Miyabi HULA is a fusion of traditional Japanese music Gagaku and instrumental sounds and traditional Hawaiian culture Hula. It is a dance devoted to expressing words of spirit, showing appreciation for peace and nature.

Ferris Kanagawa

Ferris University Hula Pua Anela


ALOHA, everyone! We are the Hula Pua Anela, a hula dance group of Ferris University of Japan. We are very happy to dance hula in Hawaii, our favorite place. Please come see our dancing!