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Join Year : 2008(14th)
Area : Chubu/Tokai
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Halau Kehaunani Hula Studio


We are hula sisters who practice and participate in events with the intent to share our feelings of aloha and graceful spirit with those who come to see us dance. We are excited to be able to dance in Hawaii while experiencing moments that we cannot in Japan such as Hawaii’s tropical breeze, its fragrance and the aloha spirit of its people.




The founder of Kado Sangetsu emphasized that it is most important to achieve personal growth through the practice and creation of art. We have carried on this doctrine for 39 years in Hawaii. We will have a floral arrangement exhibit as well as an area for spectators to experience floral arrangement with their own hands. We hope to share the beauty of flowers with as many people as possible.


Samurai Maeda Toshiie ONDO Mai


Samurai Maeda Toshiie ONDO Mai is the naruko dance team consisting of men and women of all ages that love dance and festival. Its mission is to promote their city Arako, Nagoya Ward, which is a birthplace of Maeda Toshiie who served for Oda Nobunaga during the Sengoku Period and eventually became the lord of Kaga domain.


Le’ale’a Hiroko Hula studio


Our goal is to cherish hula forever, appreciate the other enjoyments that we experience from dancing hula and pursue the understanding of Hawaii’s culture. We exist today because of the support and love of hula that has steadily grown from our previous circle of students. Mahalo Nui Loa.


Toba-City Tourist Association


Ise Shima, Toba City is a popular vacation destination in Japan. We perform our new image song and dance of Toba City, famous for pearl cultivation. The pearl is treasured as a good luck gem to celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary.