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Join Year : 2008(14th)
Area : Chugoku
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Our hearts are instantly captured by the charm of the traditional Japanese kimono and obi (kimono sash) worn by the people long ago, the beauty of the colors used, the bold and daring patterns and the fineness of the fabrics. We would like to preserve them as much as possible. And with these feelings in mind we have made miniature kimono and curtains. Our craftsmanship has turned leftover materials into many items. This art has spread throughout Japan. Our goal is to continue to preserve these precious materials in any form possible. Please come to view our craftsmanship. We look forward to having you visit our booth.


Japan Natural Art


Natural Art allows us to create pottery by using this amazing soil that hardens without tempering. We create flower vases that are very personal to each artist. The nostalgic sceneries depicted in our art has the magical power of making the viewers remember the good old days and heal their spirits.


Okayama Gakugeikan H.S. Cap feat. Amy


Last year we danced passionately to the theme of “Japanese Festivals”. This year’s Maruoka Amy Production performance will reflect the era of nostalgic American musicals. Our dance is called “Sing Sing Sing” along with a gospel version of “Joyful Joyful”. We will give thanks to life and love by singing “Give Thanks”.


Yutaka Hula Halau


Yutaka Hula Halau! This is our 7th participation from the “land of sunshine”, Kurashiki, a city located at the southern part of Okayama. Although this will be the very first stage performance for many of our team members, we will be enjoying the Hawaii’s Pacific Harmony.


The 53rd Honolulu Sister City Goodwill Delegation form Hiroshima


We are the Goodwill Delegation form Hiroshima, the first sister city of Honolulu. It is the 19th time we join the Honolulu Festival. Goodwill ambassadors for Hiroshima tourism will greet you from a convertible at the parade, and they will introduce Hiroshima as an attractive tourist destination. We look forward to seeing you at the Honolulu Festival, and please visit Hiroshima on your next Japan trip!