25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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Join Year : 2008(14th)
Area : Kanto
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24HF-IFA Tokyo

International Flower Arrangement Association


We are an international friendship organization made up of flower artists. We perform a new form of Japanese culture around the world including Hawaii, New York and Paris. Please enjoy our flower dance, a neo-Japanese style performance.

24HF-Yasuko-Shimizu Tokyo

Yasuko Shimizu and Her Fellow Singers

Music Performance

Members of Yasuko Shimizu and Her Fellow Singers perform at various concerts and dinner theaters. We have also hosted over 50 productions of “The Fountain of Angels,” a charity concert promoting the campaign against pediatric cancer for 22 years. We believe that we can reach everyone’s heart through music, and we continue to take part in promoting US-Japan friendship and cultural exchange.


Lau Kaukani

Music Performance

In Hawaiian language, lau means “leaf” and kaukani means “thousand.” We named our hula team Lau Kaukani “thousand leaves” as it is the literal translation of Chiba, our hometown in Japan.

2015 Kanagawa



Drawing is a form of expression. Etegami (Drawing-letters) can send messages universally to everyone’s hearts. They can bring back the feeling of caring which people easily forget.

24HF-TAMA-Hawaiian-Hula Tokyo



This group was formed 18 years ago with the desire to “shine forever” as our motto. We keep dancing for the sake of healthy mind and body through hula and ukulele. We look forward to being able to dance feeling the Hawaiian breeze. MAHALO

5241 sakuragawaryu edogei kappore Tokyo

Sakuragawaryu Edogei Kappore


Kappore is a dance that was usually performed at traditional banquet parties. It became popular in Japan through parade performances. The fun dance is highlighted by performers shouting “Kappore, Kappore” in unison as they kick up their heels.



Traditional Performance

Saitama Ryujin Matsuri Kai is promoting community revitalization through the symbol of Saitama called “Ryujin”. Ryujin is the dragon god that ascends to heaven and provides water as well as hope. Please support us by shouting “Ryujin Ryujin!” during our performance.

21HF komaki kei Ibaraki

Komaki Kei ABC Academy Hula Halau


We are Komaki Kei ABC Academy Hula Halau from Mito, Ibaraki, where it is famous for Mito Kōmon. This will be our 16th time to perform at the Honolulu Festival. Once again, we will do our best!

2013 Saitama

Saitama Kibo No Tsubasa


Our mission is to organize an annual trip overseas for the physically challenged. We receive support from corporations and individuals throughout Saitama Prefecture. We are looking forward to participate in the Grand Parade with the support of Saitama Ryujin Matsuri Kai.

2012 Tokyo

Environment Friendly Japanese Cloth Slippers


People are surprised when we inform them that our group makes slippers by shredding old T-shirts. Everyone is talking about how to be “green”, to be ecologically friendly and sustainable. The Japanese have been conscious of this from long ago, an example being the making of straw slippers in the past. We would like to spread this feeling of being frugal that has been ingrained in many Japanese people through this art form.