25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
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Join Year : 2008(14th)
Area : Shinetsu/Hokuriku
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2012 Toyama



We are juniors from Takaoka Ryukoku High School in Toyama Prefecture. We will be participating in the the Honolulu Festival’s Grand Parade as part of our school excursion experience. We will be performing YOSAKOI at the parade. We ask that you cheer for us alongside the parade route.

2011 Toyama

Lani Hula Hoa Uozu


We are from Toyama Prefecture and practice the traditional art of hula at Shinjoji Temple. Our goal is to treasure the cultural heritage of hula and to understand the true meaning of Hawaiian and Aloha spirit. We strive to dance by sharing the feelings of ohana and aloha as our foundation.

2008 Toyama

Iki Iki Aloha Hula Circle


We, the Iki Iki Aloha Hula Circle, are from various areas in Toyama Prefecture. Our ages mainly range from middle to golden. According to our motto, “Always smile and keep peace in mind,” we participate in numerous volunteer activities. We promote our regions and visit community facilities based in our lovely homeland, surrounded by beautiful mountains and ocean. At a recent audition, we won the award for “Best Street Performers.” We have participated in the Honolulu Festival for 4 consecutive years.

noimage2.jpg Toyama

Kinmeiryu FMC Toyama


Our group enjoys the playing the Taisho Goto, a traditional Japanese instrument. We enjoy playing various types of music, however we emphasize preserving the older songs of Japan. We also enjoy playing Hawaiian songs. Please come and listen to our music.