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Join Year : 2015(21st)
Area : Chubu/Tokai
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Gujo Odori Hozonkai

Traditional Performance

Gujo Odori (An Important Intangible Cultural Asset) is a dance that has been passed on for over 400 years in Gujo Hachiman of Gifu prefecture. The most famous dance is called “Tetsuya (all night) Odori” that takes place in the Obon Festival (8/13-16). Tens of thousands of people dance together all night.


Awapuhi hula joy


Aloha! We are “Awapuhi hula joy” active in Nagoya-city. The members consist of wide range of generations and they enjoy hula dance as “happy and pleasant healer”. We are very thankful to be able to dance again on a stage we longed for following last year.




“Let’s stay pep and healthy even when we become 100 years old” . This has been our motto ever since we have begun our performance in as early as 30 years ago. The “Hyakuju” team from Tsu city of Mie prefecture will perform energetically with the power of senior. Please come and cheer for us.


TOHO Heart Breakers


In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Toho High School baton twirling club in Aichi prefecture, we formed a group called “TOHO Heart Breakers” and will be performing in Hawaii. We wish to show you the art and beauty of baton twirling with a lot of fun and big smiles. Please come enjoy our performance and cheer for us.


Kikusenei Shachu

Music Performance

The sound of paulownia-wood Koto, bamboo Shakuhachi and silk-stringed Shamisen were the culture of sound borned in Japan. We would like to invite you to come enjoy our concert and let these beautiful sounds of traditional instruments touch your deep heart.


Wa! Kawaii Nigaoe(Caricature) Land


Give me about 10 minutes and we will give you a cute Japanese-style-caricature. When we show our finished pictures, people often say, “Wow! That face sketching looks a lot like the model! It is so cute!” Don’t hesitate to come enjoy our Japanese-style-cariature. We will be glad to draw for you.