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Join Year : 2016(22nd)
Area : Kyushu/Okinawa
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We are a group who enjoy painting Suiboku-ga, also known as ink wash painting (including color paintings) that expresses the lighting and shading effect by using only one brush in Miyazaki, Japan. Four of us, Suigetsu Shikata (teacher), Matsuba, Kodama and Shiiba (students) are participating. We hope that many of you will be able to experience Suiboku-ga at the festival.


Aloha Smile Hula Studio


The happiness we felt when we first met Hula in Hawaii is still overflowing. We meet people and accumulate experience everyday through Hula and continue to expand our connections. We thank for the magnificent connection of lives and we try to keep our smiles connected with it.


Sousakusyu OUKA & Stamp


Sosaku Eisa (Arranged Okinawan folk dance) performed by “Sousakusyu OUKA & Stamp” is chic and gorgeous with a plenty of highlights! We are preparing the new piece especially for this event in Hawaii. You do not want to miss the rare performance fusion of two teams! We will decorate the stage gorgeously with our performance.


Hano Hano Hula Oita


We are here to perform Hawaii’s traditional hula. We would like to promote cultural exchange through this popular medium. We are back again to dance gracefully. Please give us a warm welcome.


RKB Hawaii Festival. “Remember Three point Eleven Kyushu hula girl”


“Remember 3.11 Kyushu Hula Girl Caravan” is “RKB Hawaii Festival” which received the monthly title from Hawaii State in 2011. We are conducting reconstruction support activities at the Hawaii Aloha Life Association’s Social Contribution Committee.



Traditional Performance

Daijayama was born in the Edo era and has been through the turbulence of the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras. During the Heisei era, we have been focusing on safe operation through bonds with local staff. During the Reiwa era we will continue to deepen our efforts.