Hachioji was a very important junction point for Koshu Kaido (Koshu Highway) during the Edo Period. Hachioji was known for the silk and textile industry during the Meiji and Taisho eras. It was a place for business transactions which led to development of geisha districts “hanamachi” or “flower town”. Hachioji Festival was very popular during the Showa era and there were many geisha, about 300, at one time. But as time passed, industries changed. The number of geisha decreased however it is our desire to revive the old traditions. We have been supported by the local chamber of commerce and organizations have created a support group for us. We perform at local events and festivals. We are very honored to be participating in the Honolulu Festival. It is our desire to revive the great traditions of our past and push them into our future. We will do our best for you. Please enjoy our performance.