Leones-Tigres Marching Band was founded in 1999, currently under the direction of Luis Manuel Sanchez Herrera. They are integrated with more than 150 highly dedicated musicians that gives up their free time to practice nearly every day of the year, pupils and alumni to Secondary School “Escuela General No. 1 Emiliano Zapata” from Tuxpan – Veracruz – Mexico, the General Director of the this school is Professor Victor Manuel Ruiz Escobedo. They are excited to be the 1st marching band from Mexico to participate in the Honolulu Festival Grand Parade. They are performing the most popular pieces of Mexican music and they are dressed in traditional costume from Mexico. They are joined by the Ballet Gran Ensamble Mexico folk dancers from Veracruz, Mexico. The repertoire including rhythms and dances more representative of Mexico, trying to preserve the cultural values of their people.