25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
Genre : Dance/Performance
Join Year : 2018(24th)
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24HF-Heartnest Tokyo



Hi everyone! We are Heartnest, a dance troupe from Tokyo. Our team loves dance more than anything, and we genuinely enjoy dancing. We are working hard to deliver a great performance, so please come see us!

24HF-IBUKI Tottori



Striving to “Have fun” for 5 years since formation of the team, IBUKI is here again! We are thankful to be able to perform on the stage of our favorite place, Hawaii. We are excited to experience international cultural exchange through our yosakoi performance, and dance with the Aloha Spirit and Japanese elegance.

G-1 Mele Hula Taiwan

Mele Hula


Mele Hula is led by Tina Hsueh who is the most distinguished Hula dancer in Taiwan. Tina is an innovative choreographer, who has transformed the traditional Hula and given it a new appearance. Her dancing style is a mixture of the best element of various artistic dances, both western and oriental and is uniquely her own. For the past 30 years, she has been performing and teaching Hula with distinction and has visited many countries to perform.She has often been invited to perform and won widespread acclaim.

24HF-IFA Tokyo

International Flower Arrangement Association


We are an international friendship organization made up of flower artists. We perform a new form of Japanese culture around the world including Hawaii, New York and Paris. Please enjoy our flower dance, a neo-Japanese style performance.

24HF-Yosakoi-Tao Hawaii

Yosakoi Tao


Yosakoi 道 (Tao) is a Japanese contemporary dance team based in Honolulu. The team was established in 2017. While we cherish the traditional Yosakoi dance from Kochi, Japan, we also enjoy choreographing to Japanese folk and contemporary music. Our team name, 道 (Tao), reflects the way we guide ourselves to profound life through Yosakoi.

G-11_3 Waguna Aboriginal Dancers Australia

Wagana Aboriginal Dancers


The Wagana Dancers perform traditional and contemporary Aboriginal dances inspired by the magnificent Blue Mountains & NSW Central West country in Australia. They honor the Darug, Gundungurra & Wiradjuri peoples as the traditional custodians of the lands they dance on and aim to show their love of dance, country and culture through their performances and workshops.

24HF-Taiwanese Association of America - Hawaii Chapter Hawaii

Taiwanese Association of America – Hawaii Chapter


Formosa, the beautiful island of Taiwan, has received abundant blessings from Gods and has created rich cultures. One of which is the 24 solar terms that dictate people’s daily life. In this performance, you will see the 3 most significant solar terms; the Beginning of Spring, the Waking of Insects and the Spring Equinox protrayed by the Taiwanese martial arts and dragon dance. We have the honor to invite the martial arts master who won the national championship in Taiwan to join our festival this year.

24HF-Best-Body-International Tokyo



It is our third time joining the Honolulu Festival. Best Body International in Honolulu aims at promoting a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle filled with smiles, and improving the well-being of people around the world.

24HF-Sakuran-Ryushiranbu Tokyo

Sakuran / Ryushiranbu


Sakuran / Ryushiranbu was founded by Takahiro Wada in 2012 with a goal of showcasing Japanese traditional entertainment with a modern twist. Our contemporary performance includes taiko, shamisen, nihon buyo, tate (acting fight scenes), yosakoi and a fashion show of Japanese clothing.

24HF-Getappers Tokyo



We are GETAPPERS from Waseda University in Tokyo. We are the only dance troupe in Japan that wears geta (traditional Japanese footwear) while dancing. We hope to make everyone happy and have a great time with our smile and unique performance!