Sasha’s Support Hawaii
I have been engaging in the “support Hawaii” activities to support individually owned businesses, designers, and artists in Hawaii to support my beloved Hawaii and Japan for the past few years. After the declaration of a state of emergency due to COVID-19 pandemic, Hawaii has been deeply impacted economically, and more than 900 stores were forced to suspend or close down their businesses. Witnessing the explosion of the number of unemployment and never-stopping growth of COVID-19 cases in Hawai’i, I started to think more deeply about what I can do for in Hawaii and how I can be of any assistance, even if it’s only a little. As a fruition of these thoughts and ideas, I launched the project “Sasha’s Support Hawaii” that introduces the original items born from the unique Hawaiian culture to the people in Japan. I sincerely hope that this project would support local businesses and artists in Hawaii as well as help people who live in Japan experience Hawaii at home.