Hale Osugi International proudly presents TAVANA: Tavana is a one-man band from Honolulu, who uses electronic drum triggers to lay down a variety of grooves with his feet to accompany himself while playing guitar and singing soulful, island-inspired Rock and Blues. From a simple foot-stomping beginning, Tavana began to add elements to his kit including a sizeable kick drum before refining that approach down to a series of foot triggers to accomplish his desired and now “signature” one-man-rock-band wall of sound. Tavana is the featured artist for the 2018 Hankyu Osaka Hawaii Fair, representing Hawaii, this summer, and will tour Osaka and Tokyo in July. This will be Tavana’s first tour in Japan. Yoroshiku! For information on Tavana, and Hale Osugi International, visit:www.tavana808.com , www.haleosugi.com