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Tamio Okuda Appointed as a Special Ambassador of the Honolulu Festival 2018!

From Japan to Hawai’i, appointed to be the bridge of the Pacific

Honolulu Festival has announced that Tamio Okuda, a Japanese music producer as well as an artist, has been appointed as the “Special Ambassador” of the Honolulu Festival 2018.
The Honolulu Festival(hosted by Honolulu Festival Foundation) is Hawaii’s premier cultural event aiming to cultivate diverse culture and friendship among Hawaii and all over the world. Next year will be held on March 9 Friday to 11 Sunday.

The Gannen Mono, meaning the “first year men”, first arrived in Hawai’i from Yokohama in 1868. Total 149 Japanese men and women first landed on the soil of Hawai’i and since then, the relationship between Japan and Hawai’i has started. The year 2018 marks the 150th anniversary of the first Japanese settled in Hawai’i.
The Honolulu Festival started in 1995 and each year, they attract thousands of new and returning spectators who are looking for an experience unique, or to learn multi-diversity of Hawaii.

Tamio Okuda, who was born and raised in Hiroshima, strongly empathized the Festival’s theme and decided to be part of the Honolulu Festival. Hiroshima and Honolulu is the 58-year-old sister-city and this was also a major reason to bring him to Honolulu.
The sister-city agreement between the two cities of similar size was signed on June 15, 1959, and grew from the “People to People” program established by President Eisenhower in the 1950s to promote peace and mutual understanding between citizens in various countries. Tamio seeks to play an unique role in the Festival to make the bond stronger.

Event Info

■Event Name:24th Annual Honolulu Festival
■Location:Honolulu, Hawaii 
■Hosted by:Honolulu Festival Foundation
■Date:March 9 ~ 11 
■Venue:Hawai’i Convention Center, Waikiki Beach Walk, Ala Moana Center
■Official website :(English)

Special Ambassador Mini Live

Details to be announced later in official website

Place Hawaii Convention Center