26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020

Friendship Gala “Kabuki Night” Special


The 25th Annual Honolulu Festival

Friendship Gala “Kabuki Night” Special


In 1995, the Honolulu Festival began with the purpose to cross-promote cultural understanding and friendship between Japan and the United States. Throughout the years, the festival has supported various projects and in 2018 celebrated the 150th anniversary of Japanese immigrants coming to Hawaii. This year, in commemoration of the 25th Honolulu Festival, the Friendship Party will be showcasing the final performance of “2019 HONOLULU KABUKI” at the Hawaii Convention Center. Through Kabuki, Japan’s traditional theatrical art form, we hope to deliver the Japanese culture and tradition as well as the “heart and soul of Japan” to the people of Hawaii. We believe that the Kabuki performance intertwined with Japanese culture will create an even stronger bond to promote cultural exchange not only between Japan and the US but all countries of the Pacific Rim.

* Funds raised in the Friendship Party will provide opportunities for local students to enhance international understanding and awareness through high-quality educational programs.

[ Date and Time ] March 8, 2019 (Friday) Doors Open at 18:25, Part 1: Ohana Award (18:45 – 19:15), Part 2: Kabuki Night (19:15 – 20:40)
[ Venue ] Hawaii Convention Center Kamehameha Exhibit Hall 1
*Getting to the venue, see HERE
[ Ticket ] $90 / $75 those for under 21 years old.
*Bento and 1 drink included.
*Ticket prices are the same for adults and children (6 & over). Free admission for children 5 and under (Lap seating only. Bento and drink not included).
[ Performance Piece ] ‘Renjishi’ (Two Lions)
[ Cast ] Nakamura Shikan, Nakamura Hashinosuke, Nakamura Fukunosuke, Nakamura Utanosuke, Tobaya Richō
[ Seat ] Free seating

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Nakamura Shikan


Nakamura Hashinosuke

Nakamura Hashinosuke

Nakamura Fukunosuke

Nakamura Fukunosuke

Nakamura Utanosuke


18:45~19:15 #1 2019 Ohana Award Ceremony
19:15~20:40 #2 2019 Honolulu Kabuki Night

Hawaii Convention Center

Hawaiʻi Convention Center, Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI, USA

Place Hawaii Convention Center
URL http://www.hawaiiconvention.com/