Mark your calendar! 29th Annual Honolulu Festival Comes March 7-9,2025

Maui Mikoshi by Maui High School (Exhibit Only)

Maui Mikoshi

As this year’s theme is “Making the World a Better Place for Our Future, From the Pacific to the World,” we wanted to spread to others through our design the messages of taking care of oneself and others, contributing to the community, and building a better world.

As we face pollution, one of the most known problems around the world, we wanted to express that regardless of age and gender, with everyone working together, even the small steps can solve one of the most significant issues. Similarly, the intertwined ti leaf lei symbolize the intertwining of our Hawaiian culture and the uniting of everyone in peace and strength. Held together by the dove and crow from the topper, the rope holding the 12 country flags represents the bond between the nations of the world, from the highest peak of Mauna Kea of Hawaii to Mount Fuji of Japan. The sunrise connecting them all represents the start of a new day, full of endless possibilities.

– Maui High School Principal, Mr. Jamie Yap
“I think the amount of work that went into putting this piece together, it just depicts the collaboration of the twenty-plus students that put this together. You guys were very thoughtful in what you guys did, and how you explained it in your picture. I can understand why you guys were selected number one. I would have picked you guys as well, not just because you guys are from Maui High. I think you guys did an outstanding job putting it together, sharing the message in a very thoughtful message, so it’ll be great to have this artwork being shared with the rest of the community. So congratulations, good job, I’m proud of you guys.”


Maui Mikoshi Unveiling Ceremony
[ Date ] Saturday, March 7, 2020

[ Time ] 12:00pm-12:15pm

[ Venue ] Hawaii Convention Center 1F




Place Hawaii Convention Center