24th Annual Honolulu Festival March 9-11, 2018
Genre : Hula
Join Year : 2012(18th)
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23HF Welina Tokyo

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Welina!


We are “Welina!”, a Hula/Tahitian dance club from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. We practice […]

Puanani Kobayashi Hyla School Aichi

Puanani Kobayashi Hula School


It has been 15 years since Puanani Kobayashi Hula school was founded in Nagoya. We are practicing everyday wit […]

5233 tama hawaiian hula Tokyo



This group was formed 16 years ago with the desire to “shine forever” as our motto. We keep dancin […]

2014 Tokyo

Anela. Hula Studio


Aloha! We love Hawaii and it has always been our desire to dance on Hawaii’s stage and promote cultural […]

2014 Tokyo

Yuka & Studio Pili Aloha


Our group is based in Nerima Ward, Tokyo. Our members’ ages range from very young to old. Smile*Joy* Tha […]

21HF komaki kei Ibaraki

Komaki Kei ABC Academy Hula Halau


We are Komaki Kei ABC Academy Hula Halau from Mito, Ibaraki, where it is famous for Mito Kōmon. This will be o […]

Pikake Leilani Hula Halau Nara

Pikake Leilani Hula Hālau


This is our 5th time to join the Honolulu Festival and at the same time, we are welcoming our 15th anniversary […]

2012 Fukuoka

Hui Hula Papa Lina Mori


It is a wonderful opportunity to dance on this grand stage in Hawaii, we are delighted and afraid at the same […]

2012 Niigata

Hula Phoenix Nagaoka


We are proud to represent Nagaoka, the newest sister city of Honolulu, known as the birthplace of Naval Marsha […]

18TH Hoalohanani Hula Tochigi

Hoaloha Nani Hula Studio


We are very grateful to be able to dance on stage, while enjoying the gentle Hawaiian breeze. We would like to […]