24th Annual Honolulu Festival March 9-11, 2018
Genre : Traditional Performance
Join Year : 2013(19th)
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22HF Honolulu Daijayama Fukuoka

Honolulu Daijayama Booster Group

Traditional Performance

There were times when the Honolulu Daijayama could not perform at the Grand Parade due to staff shortage. Howe […]

23HF Japan Nankin Tamasudare Hyogo


Traditional Performance

We have been performing Japanese traditional art, “Nankin Tamasudare” (A street performance in whi […]

04 Hirosaki Neputa Aomori

Hirosaki Neputa Manji Kai

Traditional Performance

“Neputa” has been designated as a significant and intangible folk cultural asset in 1980. At prese […]

origami Hawaii

The Hawaii Origami Club

Traditional Performance

The Hawaii Origami Club is for anyone interested in Origami. All skill levels and origami interests are welcom […]

bento_rakugo Hawaii

Bento Rakugo

Traditional Performance

Rakugo is a traditional Japanese comedy art form that is similar to stand-up comedy found in the United States […]

jcch Hawaii

The Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i (JCCH)

Traditional Performance

The Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai’i (JCCH), a non-profit organization, strives to share the history, […]


Malofie Samoa Hawaii

Traditional Performance

Malofie Samoa Hawaii is the premiere club and organization within the United States promoting traditional and […]

kawaii_kon Hawaii

Kawaii Kon

Traditional Performance

Kawaii Kon is a three-day convention event dedicated to creating a broader awareness of, and appreciation for […]

28-filename-2 Hawaii

Hawaii Kokuseiryu Shiginkai

Traditional Performance

Hawaii Kokuseiryu Shigin-kai(Group) is one of the Shigin Groups in the United States, established 50 years ago […]

2015 Hokkaido

Hokkaido Ainu Culture

Traditional Performance

Irankarapte (Let me touch your heart softly…) We will introduce Hokkaido’s unique Ainu culture. At […]