24th Annual Honolulu Festival March 9-11, 2018
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noimage_mini Tokyo

Kiyoko Hattori

Music Performance

My name is Kiyoko Hattori from the town of Oguni in Nagaoka City, famous for the Nagaoka Fireworks. I have vis […]

24HF-KASUYA-Six-Town-Koryu-Quilt-No-Kai Fukuoka

KASUYA Six Town Koryu Quilt No Kai


We are a group of quilt enthusiasts from six towns in Kasuya County, Fukuoka. Our goal is to revitalize our lo […]

noimage_mini Hyogo

Doyo Chorus Utanakama

Music Performance

Our chorus group is composed of ladies in their 60s to 80s. They join our group to promote their health and ma […]

24HF-Umaimon-Koushien Tokyo


Other Sponsors

“Umaimon Koshien” is the most delicious food competition for high school in Japan which is the 6th […]

24HF-Sakura-Komachi-Wagakudan Tokyo

Sakurakomachi Japanese Music and Dance Group

Music Performance

Sakurakomachi Japanese Music and Dance Group is an all-female orchestra that plays traditional Japanese music […]

24HF-Chigasaki-city-Unicycle-Japan-Champion-UCHIDA-sisterbrothers Kanagawa

Chigasaki-city Unicycle Japan Champion UCHIDA Sister & Brothers


Chigasaki is one of Honolulu’s sister cities, where its stunning nature, hula and surf culture have a lot in c […]

24HF-Yugawara-Onsen Kanagawa


Other Sponsors

The town of Yugawara is famous for its warm weather and finest hot springs, where you can experience the spiri […]

24HF-International-Pearl-Meister-Association Hyogo

International Pearl Meister Association


International Pearl Meister Association is engaged in activities to make pearls, and particularly Japanese Ako […]

24HF-Osaka-University-LoveLive Osaka

Osaka University LoveLive! group


Love Live! Club from Osaka University is all about “Love Live!,” a Japanese anime series that became widely po […]

24HF-Kindenryu-Genshukai Aichi

Kindenryu Taisho-koto Genshu-kai

Music Performance

Genshukai gives performances of taishogoto (Japanese harp) both domestically and abroad. Taishogoto is a tradi […]