26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
Genre : Music Performance
Join Year : 2017(23rd)
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Littlefield High School Band Texas

Littlefield High School Band

Music Performance

Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to present the Littlefield High School Marching Band from Littlefield, Texas. The Band is under the leadership of drum majors Jazmine Garcia and Sergio Savala. The music they will be performing is dedicated to the great state of Texas. The Littlefield Band is directed by Bonnie Anderson, Gina Muela, and Mark Halamicek.


Ohana Arts

Music Performance

Ohana Arts presents the original cast of “Peace On Your Wings”, a new musical inspired by the life of Sadako Sasaki and her thousand paper cranes. This talented all-youth cast has performed on tour to Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii Island, Los Angeles, and most recently, New York City. The show continues to inspire audiences worldwide with its message of peace and “Ichigo-Ichie”, told through the powerful voices of youth.


The Hawaii Korean Farmers Music Association

Music Performance

The Hawaii Korean Farmers Music Association was started in 1996 by the current resident Ki Un Lee. There are 4 instruments that represent the sounds of nature. The Ching, which is the large gong, represents wind. The changoo, the hour glass instrument represents the rain, the Puk, the large drum represents clouds, and the gengari, the small gong, represents thunder.

Dr. Tsun-Hui Hung and Stella Chow Hawaii

Hawaii Taiwanese Center/Hung Tsun Hu

Music Performance

Winner of 2018 Na Hoku Hanohano awards, Ehru soloist Tsun-Hui Hung (洪充惠) studied the Chinese fiddle from the age of six, winning major performance awards, including the Outstanding Artist Award at the 2004 Taiwan National Erhu Competition. Her musical artistry led to invitations to perform at prestigious music venues and collaborate with composers and musicians from diverse musical backgrounds, including Western-classical, Chinese, and world music. She holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology from Ohio State University. A resident of Hawaii since 2016, she has also developed an interest in interpreting Hawaiian music on the erhu together with musicians on Oahu. In addition, she is proud of being the 2004 champion of […]

Capture 2 Canada

Cappy Smart Band

Music Performance

Cappy Smart is a firefighter band, originating in the late 1800s in Calgary, Alberta. The Cappy Smart band’s original mandate was to entertain the Canadian pioneers. To this day the band provides musical support for select Calgary Fire Department ceremonial functions. The Cappy Smart Band has also had the opportunity to travel and represent the Calgary Fire Department at the World Police and Fireman Games in Australia, Carnegie Hall, NY (2009) and Mirabell Gardens, Austria (2011). We look forward to share our music with the Hawaiian Cultural Festival.

Photo Australia

Stella Maris College Sydney

Music Performance

Stella Maris College is a Catholic Girls High School located in the seaside suburb of Manly, about 6 miles north of Sydney City. Founded by the Good Samaritan Sisters, girls at Stella are offered a wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities. Each year girls have the chance to tour overseas with various departments and this is the first (hopefully of many) music tours to the State of Hawaii. Whilst in Hawaii, musicians and singers from Stella Maris College will participate in the Hawaii Music Festival and the Honolulu Music Festival.


Bunkyo University Japanese Drum Club KAEDE

Music Performance

Hello, we are Bunkyo University Japanese Drum Club KAEDE. Normally, our group is taiko drumming mainly in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture. This is our first time to participate at the Honolulu Festival. We are hoping to perform our passionate taiko drumming to entertain people in Hawaii!

mitsudomoe Tokyo

Waseda University Tsugaru Shamisen Club Mitsudomoe

Music Performance

We’re a Tsugaru shamisen club from Waseda University. Tsugaru shamisen is a three-stringed traditional Japanese musical instrument. We will perform from folk songs to modern music including Japanese pop songs just with Tsugaru Shamisens.

na_enu Hawaii


Music Performance

Formed in 2014 Na’ ehu (Ronson Asuncion and Given Yagi) have been performing collectively for many events such as weddings, parties, conferences, and even in Japan. Having met through work at Ukulele PuaPua, Ronson and Given began playing together. With the dynamic fusion of beautiful vocals and fast ukulele playing, that is what makes Na’ ehu.

alma Hawaii


Music Performance

As solo ukulele artists, Alto and Maia have been performing on countless stages independently and have joined forces to create an eclectic boy and girl ukulele duo called “ALMA”. Focusing on dynamic and exhilarating performance, the two deliver their unique sounds that range from flamenco to rock.