26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
Genre : Craft/Demonstration
Join Year : 2019(25th)
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dokkyo-uni-calligraphy-HF25 Saitama

Dokkyo University Calligraphy club


We’re showing calligraphy performance with the theme of Japanese culture and our desire to deepen friendship, Hawaii and Japan. We hope everyone, even who’s never seen the performance, enjoy it.

SAL Tokyo

S.A.L. Student organisation officially approved by the Keio University


We have 3 concepts, Send out / Aid / Learn. We study about international issues through study tours to various countries. We publish what we learned in the free magazines documentary.

114_2825811_kimono-higuchi Saitama

Kimono Higuchiya goodwill friendship party


Higuchiya is a kimono shop. We have been in business for 108 years. We believe that Kimono is a world-famous Japanese traditional costume. For this time, we will showcase yukata, which we wear to fireworks and festivals, in summer.

127_NEOLD Tokyo

NEOLD Team Noh Kyogen


Noh farce is one of traditional Japanese theater.It is designated as Important Intangible Cultural Property., and it is also registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Taichiro Nomura and Yuichi Otsuki who are, a young and energetic Noh player will conduct a workshop and introduce the appeals of Noh farce.

128_2825811_Shadow Tokyo



We will exhibit artworks of artists from the Shadow Art AB Cube KWS Kagurazaka branch. Shadow Art is a craft that you assemble three dimensionally with cuts from several prints.

shiraoi-cho Hokkaido

Enormous Patchwork Group


Irankarapte! We are Shiraoi district in Hokkaido where the “NATIONAL AINU MUSEUM and PARK (Upopoi)” opens in 2020! We are making a huge patchwork with fabric received from everyone and traditional Ainu emblem embroideries. Please join us to make this one of a kind quilt!


The City of Nagaoka


The Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show is held annually on August 2nd and 3rd against the backdrop of the Shinano, the longest river in Japan. At our booth, you’ll be able to experience Nagaoka Fireworks with a VR device as if you were viewing real fireworks. Visitors can also enjoy tasting some of Nagaoka’s Japanese sake, a regional specialty of which we are proud, and seeing Nishikigoi originated from Nagaoka, multicolored ornamental carp, swimming gracefully. On March 10th, the final day of the Honolulu Festival, Nagaoka Fireworks will bloom in the night sky over Waikiki beach.

2019 Kanagawa

Chigasaki City -Sister City of Honolulu-


Chigasaki is one of Honolulu’s sister cities, where its stunning nature, hula and surf culture have a lot in common with Honolulu. We would like to foster our friendship with Honolulu, and engage in cultural exchange for future generations.

chanoyu Niigata

Let’s Enjoy Easy Nagaoka Chanoyu (Tea Ceremony)


Once-in-a-lifetime experience. We will present Bon Temae (A type of Tea Ceremony). Please enjoy delicious traditional sweets from Nagaoka and organic green tea. You can also experience making tea.