25th Annual Honolulu Festival March 8-10, 2019
Genre : Dance/Performance
Join Year : 2012(18th)
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24HF-IFA Tokyo

International Flower Arrangement Association


We are an international friendship organization made up of flower artists. We perform a new form of Japanese culture around the world including Hawaii, New York and Paris. Please enjoy our flower dance, a neo-Japanese style performance.

Chinagu-Eisa Hawaii

Chinagu Eisa Hawaii


Chinagu Eisa Hawaii is a contemporary Okinawan eisa drumming group whose purpose is to promote and perpetuate the Okinawan culture to younger generations and the local community. We are a very multi-generational group where members range from ages 4 to over 80 years old. Collaborating with sister group in Okinawa, Chinagu Eisa has performed in various locations in the U.S. as well as Okinawa.

hilton Hawaii

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort


The Hilton Hawaiian Village is proud to be celebrating our 18th year participating in this cultural parade. More than 50 volunteers from the Hilton Hawaiian Village participate in this event every year. The Hilton’s Sumotori mikoshi was selected to represent and honor our Hawaiian contestants in the sumo wrestling sport. The float was also designed to reflect the spirit of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

24HF-Getappers Tokyo



We are GETAPPERS from Waseda University in Tokyo. We are the only dance troupe in Japan that wears geta (traditional Japanese footwear) while dancing. We hope to make everyone happy and have a great time with our smile and unique performance!




We are Sonoda Gakuen High School from Amagasaki, Hyogo, and this is our 13th time in the Honolulu Festival. This year, about 300 sophomores perform the dance they have been practicing for a year at the Grand Parade. Please enjoy their cheerful and energetic dance!

noimage_mini Hawaii

Tamagusuku Ryu Senjukai Frances Nakachi Ryubu Dojo


Tamagusuku Ryu Senju Kai Frances Nakachi Ryubu Dojo, is an Okinawan Dance Academy in Hawaii which was established 21 years ago under the direction of Frances Nakachi Kuba Sensei. Their mission is promoting, preserving and perpetuating over 500 years of rich Okinawan culture and traditions through their dance.Through their heartfelt artistry, they strive to enrich lives, inspire hope and bring joy. The academy is dedicated to cultivate and nurture individual talents and potentials, bridge communities and build everlasting friendships and family. Currently, there are approximately 30 students and their age ranges from 3 to 78 years young. The Academy would like to thank all from the bottom of their heart […]

taiwan Hawaii



The members of “Taiwan” are Taiwanese students and local American-Taiwanese. The students attend Brigham Young University, Hawaii Pacific University, Kapiolani Community College, and the University of Hawaii. The locals are artists, doctors, professors, and retirees within the community. In Daoism culture, heaven sends their “som-tie-tzu” – their third princes – to walk on earth and promote peace and harmony. Their third princes dance for you today to bring best wishes to you and help chase way lurking evil. The song and dance you will see performed comes from the (AH-may) Amei tribe, one of the fourteen tribes of Taiwan. They bring you wishes of peace to Waikiki with their song […]

omiya_minbu Hawaii

Omiya Minbu Kai


Omiya Minbu Kai consists of a small group of dancers who meet and practice to keep Japanese cultural dances and the classical art of “Shin-buyo” (ENKA) rooted in Hawaii. Under the leadership of instructor Helen Tsuchiya the dancers practice three times a week.

asess Korea

Inha University – ASSESS – & – FLEX -


ASSESS is a cheerleading team from Inha University in Korea. It was established in 1977. The Action and Band teams are included in the Inha University cheerleaders team called ASSESS. ASSESS is the name of a flower that means “passion” in equator. FLEX is a street dance group from INHA university in Korea. It was established in 1993. FLEX covers a wide variety of genres such as b-boying, hiphop, waacking and locking. FLEX is a very well known dance group in its university and Korea.

igranka Canada

Igranka Group of Bulgarian Folk Dances and Traditions


Igranka is a school of Bulgarian Folk dances and traditions in Toronto, Canada, founded in 2004. They proudly maintain the Bulgarian traditional cultural heritage in the Bulgarian community in Toronto. They teach and perform dances from all ethnographical regions of Bulgaria. The word Igranka means a folk dance party and that’s exactly what the performing group does on stage. The group has participated in numerous multicultural festivals in North America.