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Join Year : 2007(13th)
Area : Kyushu/Okinawa
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Traditional Performance

Daijayama was born in the Edo era and has been through the turbulence of the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras. During the Heisei era, we have been focusing on safe operation through bonds with local staff. During the Reiwa era we will continue to deepen our efforts.


Hano Hano Hula Oita


We are here to perform Hawaii’s traditional hula. We would like to promote cultural exchange through this popular medium. We are back again to dance gracefully. Please give us a warm welcome.


Samurai SPIRITS Furinkazan Karate-do


Anyone can do it. Anyone can be strong and anyone can be healthy. Our school puts emphasis on Karate and its hand movements as a method of self-defense, not as a competition. We practice breathing and self-defense movements while aiming at improving our body and mind at the same time. Along with our training, we exchange friendship in order to attain a better life.




Our group, Asomikai, practices Taishogoto, Bunkakoto, Koto and Zenidaiko, and we are celebrating our 23rd year as a foundation. We are a big family of 250 members. Once or twice a month we practice in order to participate in regional cultural activities and events of any size, both inside and outside of Japan. We are seniors whose average age is 75, but our youthful minds always find excitement and enjoyment in every minute of our present life. We participate in the Honolulu Festival hoping to exchange friendship and establish strong and heartfelt ties with people we meet.


KMI Branch Office Kitsuke Party in Honolulu Festival 2007


We are from Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan, where we have beautiful ocean and mountains. Three fertile rivers run through our hometown of Nobeoka. We work hard continuously to preserve Japan’s wonderful tradition “Kimono Culture” to the present day. Since we both live in an eternal summer climate, we thought it would be nice to exchange friendship with people in Hawaii through our “Kimono Culture”, that made us decide to participate in the festival. Please do come to see us.