26th Annual Honolulu Festival March 6-8, 2020
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Join Year : 2019(25th)
Area : Hokkaido/Tohoku
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Hokkaido Taisho-koto Hukyukai Kotobikai

Music Performance

We are a group of a traditional Japanese instrument, Taisho Koto performer from Hokkaido. We play at local events and the National Cultural Festival. This is our first time performing abroad. We will showcase the beautiful sound of Taisho Koto and enjoyment of playing Taisho Koto.


Akan Ainu Culture Preservation Society

Traditional Performance

Irankarapte! We will show traditional dance of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Japan. We will hold a workshop where you can experience Ainu culture at the booth!


Enormous Patchwork Group


Irankarapte! We are Shiraoi district in Hokkaido where the “NATIONAL AINU MUSEUM and PARK (Upopoi)” opens in 2020! We are making a huge patchwork with fabric received from everyone and traditional Ainu emblem embroideries. Please join us to make this one of a kind quilt!


HOKKAIDO FAIR and AINU Culture Special

Other Sponsors

Irankarapte! We are Hokkaido, which made a friendship tie-up with Hawaii State in 2017. We will display an introduction of Hokkaido, as well as the culture of indigenous people Ainu, such as traditional Ainu dance! “NATIONAL AINU MUSEUM and PARK (Upopoi)” opens in 2020!


Akita Kanto Festival

Traditional Performance

“Kanto” (Lanterns borne by a bamboo pole) Festival Pole festival was started as a folk event to protect people from sickness and evil. Neburi-Nagashi Festival was the event to pray for the rich harvest and the success for arts and crafts, and together with the Tanabata festival, which was held on the next day, respectively, July 7, these festivals were welcome the following Obon festival, held on July 15 (the lunar calendar).


Hirosaki neputa manji kai

Traditional Performance

“Neputa” has been designated as a significant and intangible folk cultural asset in January 1980. At present, gorgeous and splendid “Oogi (fan) Neputa” along with “Kumi (group) Neputa” with an orchestra of Neputa such as flavorful flute and Taiko (Japanese drums) are operated by the citizens of Hirosaki.


Hula o Hokkaido


We are from Hokkaido in Japan and it will be our 5th time participating the Honolulu Festival. We unite with Hula dance, although dance members studio locations vary. We will be performing the Hula dance on chairs first time in 3 years please be sure to check us out!