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Join Year : 2020(26th)
Area : Kanto
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Dance Earth Walk


The Honolulu Festival has been developed as a place for cultural exchange between Japan and Hawaii since its first event was held in March 1995, and has become a popular annual event in March. The Honolulu Festival, held under the theme of “Pacific Harmony, Love and Trust,” aims to contribute to world peace by expanding the circle of goodwill between Japan and Hawaii, and eventually the Pacific Rim countries. EXILE ÜSA and TETSUYA, who are active in DANCEARTH project under the theme of “Making Earth Happy with Dance,” will further promote the friendship between Japan and Hawaii at the Honolulu Festival.


Shodo Girls

Traditional Performance

We are calligraphy girls hosted by a Japanese culture experience event called “Shodo Cafe” from Shin-Okubo, Tokyo.


Tobaya Riseki, Kineya Miori Shamisen

Traditional Performance

Tobaya riseki’s both grandfather and father are living national treasures of Kabuki Nagauta. He has been active in a wide range of activities from overseas performances to popularization activities.


ELVIS☆TOKI with MIKA Bridgebook&KIE Kamioka

Music Performance

Ultimate Elvis Presley Tribute Artist Contest, Australia representative Elvis ☆Toki will recreate Elvis Presley’s 1973 Hawaii performance with Mika & Kie.


Hula Halau O Kaleilehua


At Hula Halau O Kaleilehua, we have a network throughout Japan and receive healing energy from hula and Hawaiian culture. This time, the Alohimaka class from Osaka will participate. We are full of the joy of dancing in Hawaii.


Yamanashi Prefectural Yoshida Senior High School


Hello! We are students from Yamanashi Prefectural Yoshida High School. Through volunteer activities, we want to have a cultural exchanges with people in Hawaii and build friendships that will become a bridge between Japan and Hawaii.


Cheerleadingteam BUBBLES


We are the cheerleading team BUBBLES! From college students to adults we enjoy performing as a team. Our team finished third in the national competition in 2019. We will deliver smiles and enjoyments. Let the fun begin!


JOY Kids’ Theater


Based in Tokyo and New York, JOY Kids’ Theater teaches musical theatre as a lifelong learning experience. Through the performing arts, we help students from various generations develop skills to flourish as a global citizen.


Ibaraki Prefecture (Ibaraki Prefecture Tourism and Local Products Association)


Ibaraki prefecture is about 1 hour from Tokyo. We have ocean and mountain and a lot of nature, and many delicious foods and attractive spots. Also many flowors bloom at Hitachi Seaside Park. Especially blue nemophila in spring and red kokia in autmun is so beautiful!


fiorita Rainbow Blessing


fiorita rainbow blessing team is a group of independent artists. This time, we will deliver with dance, harp and crystal bowl. We’d be grateful if we could build a bridge of blessings of friendship between Japan and Hawaii.