Initial Application
Accepting until 2/15

Submit initial booth application.
Staff members will review the application and notify you by e-mail whether or not the application has been approved. If approved, please see step 2.

Second Application
Accepting until 2/22

We will send you a link to the exhibitor/vendor application. This second part of the application will ask you to:

  • fill out a booth / equipment / service order form
  • upload a copy of your General Excise Tax License if you will be selling anything
  • read and accept terms and conditions / vendor agreement
We recommend that you complete this step as soon as possible to secure your spot at the craft fair.
Mandatory Documents
Accepting until 2/22

We will also send you a separate link to submit additional mandatory documentation:

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance (required for all participants)
  • Department of Health Special Event Food Establishment Permit (required for all participants selling any food or beverage items)
We understand that it takes time to obtain these documents, so we set it aside from the exhibitor/vendor application in Step 2. Please upload the necessary documentation at your earliest convenience before 2/22.

Once we have processed the exhibitor/vendor application, we will send you an invoice for your booth and any equipment and services by e-mail. Please follow the link on the e-mail and pay with credit or debit card by the due date noted. (*Credit card payment only.)


Your application is complete once you have completed steps 1-4 – thank you!! We will announce booth assignments and other important information for the event as we get closer to the 27th Honolulu Festival.